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KBAR folders = very fast opening

Aug 15, 2000
I recently saw a thread where someone bashed the KaBar D2 extreme folders because of it's opening mechanism. IMO this person, and probably many others don't fully understand the concept of this knife. It has been my daily carry for about 6 months now, and I really like it, and I would like to set the record straight, because it is really a great knife.

It is one of the fastest opening legal knives ever. I have heard that some people feel it is difficult to open. This is part of the speed of the mechanism. It has a very strong ball detent (I THINK) that keeps it stiffly in place when close. BUT when you put a certain amount of pressure on it,
WHOOSH, it just flies open, Faster than any of the Kershaw Ken Onions I think. The lock up on mine is great, and it is VERY smooth.

Yes, the thumbstud is a little rough, and bites a little, BUT you sure count on it. My thumb has never slipped off.

So what do you guys think?
Well, I don't have one of these knives, but I think I see what you mean. You have to put so much pressure on it get past the ball detent that once it does let go, the blade pops right out. That does sound pretty cool, at least if you have tough thumb pads
You forgot to mention that the blade is very sharp. (I have the tanto version). This is one tough knife that is kept in my tool box. I'm surprised that the D2 blade has held off rust inspite of my neglect to oil it. My only gripe about the knife is the unusual thumb stud design that "cuts" into my sissy thumb. The spearpoint version looks real nice.
That's it, that's exactly right!!!! Personally, I feel this knife is perfect for fans of CRKT and who want a simple, functional knife with great steel, for a good price.
I think this is a very underated blade.

I love the steel but parts of this knife suck.

1. The disc opener is a bit wierd ( have am used to it now!)
2. The blade is very hard to open at first. I have fixed this, no problemo!
3. The pivot pin is T6 and stripped the moment I tried to take the knife appart to grease it, this is a SERIOUS error on KA BARS part IMHO. Maybe they used Loc Tite on it? If so a warning would have been nice.
4. The clip needs re bending to make it hold onto the knife!

Otherwise a great little 3" folder in a fantastic steel. No blade play no wobble and a good lock up! A very good little knife! Pity mine is H/S


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