KC-4 Chopper and a Rat Daddy


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Nov 8, 2005
Here is my Christmas present (to myself) from David Wesner of Kelsey Creek Knife Works and a Rat Daddy for size comparison. This blade is a beast and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes large Choppers.

Wow! That is one impressive chopper.... should be able to handle that ankle-biter in the backround should it attack.;) :D

Here are the 2 I order new out of the box, (1 for my father and one for me) the edge was covered with tape. But you can see the size of them next to a 9" Battle Rat. I love these monsters...I am saving up for another one!
Sorry, I can't seem to find the pics I made of it in action.

This is the one I got from David. This thing chops more effectively than my old "best," a khukuri! I've taken it out to delimb and chop up some big 20' long branckes falling off of the spruce out back. Clean chops thru 2"-3" stuff and cuts thru the 5"-6" stuff in record time.




This is the thread that got me thinking, so I dropped David a line.

What a great guy. Very quick response, informative, knowledgable and friendly to boot :D

The KC-4 is definately on the to buy list ! ! !
David and I came up with the KC-6 model and I have to say, the thing is a monster, very tough and very sharp. His attention to detail is superb, and he is a great guy to work with...I have used mine and must say, it is a GREAT blade, Chopping is excellent and the edge is great for slicing also. Mine came hair popping sharp.
The KC-6 is going to be the next one I get from David. I have to agree with PM, this thing is a beast when it comes to chopping, and holds quite the edge. David is fantastic to work with, I put in for the second one sometime in December and he had them both to me before Christmas!

Good choice on the KC-6:D Now known as the KC-3 Let me know when you get it, alot of thought went into that blade...I believe its wider from spine to edge then the other large camp blades David makes, its 2 inches wide but doesnt feel like it.

Also the leather belt loop was a first for David on his sheaths for large blades, makes it mush easier to pull the blade out as it drops down on the leg much better.
Great looking chopper there, do they have a website or contact info? Is it a small company or individual? I love chopper style bowies!:thumbup:

I just ordered a KC-4 from David, and I plan to order a KC-3 from him in coming months. Great guy to deal with. :thumbup:

Oh yeah, nice knives too. :D