Ken Onion random task removable clip?

Dec 1, 1999
Ok so I bought a random task with a removable clip?... I have so far tried 3 hardware stores, radio shack, sears, and a hobby shop to find an alan wrench small enough to remove the pocket clip.can any one help?


Wingnut-I believe the Kerskaw Random Task by
Ken Onion uses Torx screws in everything except the pivot.I think a # 4 or 6 will help
you take off the clip.I had a loose clip on mine and was able to tighten it with a very
small screwdriver (eyeglass size).
Yep a T-6 Torx is what's needed to properly remove them. I recently made a sheath for a fellow and removed the clip, the knife felt very comfortable without the clip on.


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Gillett PA
Where does one find a t-6 torx.....we are talking about a tool that looks like a allan wrench aren't we

you can pick up a t6 at sears. they look like a small screwdriver. mine has a plastic handle, didn't cost much.