Ken Onion Ricochet?

Feb 11, 1999
I have heard one or two people mention this knife. What is it like? Good lock-up? Sturdy? I know that it has the 440V blade, but beyond that, and the way it looks, haven't heard that much. Is it a good knife/blade?

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I have one and think it is very good for the money. I am a big CPM440V fan and that plus the speedsafe design is why I purchased it. Lockup is tight, came scary sharp, no problems. My only complain is the ramp that holds it closed is too steep and that makes it a little tougher than most to get the blade started its started, the spring rides over to the other side of the cam and it snaps the blade out nicely. Polished G-10 scales, titanium liners, cool opening, and topped off with the CPM440V. I like the Ricochet blade shape much better than the Random Task, for the type of cutting I do, I feel you have better cutting power with some curve in the blade.