Ken Onion's Random Task

Oct 6, 1999
Received my new Random Task from Bayou Lafourche--Thanks Roger--Great Service!
Did a lot of research on the forum regarding this knife and I came away with the feeling that a lot of guys didn't like the speed safe. My hand must of been the pattern for Kershaw and Ken, as it fits beautifully! The attention to detail in a production knife is definitely top drawer. The knife came hair poppin sharp and the speed safe was just as advertised. I found ABSOLUTELY NO NICKING, etc.. The G10 scales are stout, polished, and the fit is near perfection. Everyone has different tastes (hence so many knifes to choose from)but this one is a personal HIT!

The Random Task we got with serrated adge was a very fragile knife and the CPM440V blade was almost impossible to resharp because of very high rockwell.
CPM440V, as understood Spyderco should not high in Rockwell.
54 is perfect.

The Speed safe was half opening the blade.
IMHO it was the best way to get cut.

The two knives we got came directly from Kershaw.
And we were very disapointted.

Now perharps Kershaw has improved them since...

We get them in the same time as the Spyderco Military to review...
The Military was much a better knife.



Thank you for the kind review of the Random task, I'm glad you like it .

The CPM 440V is not overly hard it's 55-56 RCwhich is perfect for this steel .

Nemo , thank you also for your honesty ,I regret your recieving a lemon If theres any way I can make it up to you let me know . Both Kershaw and myself are listening and will do all we can to improve and keep our customers happy . Again I sincerely apolojise for your bad experience . My hope is that you will check out the new improved Speed safe knives . We also have some really cool new stuff coming out Y2K that should suit everyones purposes .

Aloha!!! Ken
I have about 10 Kershaw Ken Oninon of different models. I am in line for a 25th Anniversary model. Nemo is not kidding about the sharpening chore of the Random Task. I have to put a Moran type edge on my Random Task twice and it was a job and a half. I have to do it twice because when I send it back to Kershaw for the clip problem they put a crappy straight bevel back on the blade. A new Ricochet came missing a grip screw and it took Kershaw three tries and 4 weeks to get me the right screw.

Overall finish on all my Ken Onion knives are very very good. The liner is to easy to release with a firm grip. Kershaw needs to look into this. Thumb ups on the Speed Safe mechanism, I have learned to like it.
The problem with the speed safe is simply pilot error.
The thumb doesnt leave the handle.
Several folks who "know knives" always try to keep the thumb on the stud and try to ride it open... as it opens faster than the thumb - the thumb can come down onto the edge.
If you do it right - the thumb is never near the edge!

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

When I first received my Random Task (about a year ago) the blade didn't open fully.
I loosened the allen screw at the pivot by about 1/8 turn and now it works fine.
I'm totally satisfied with the Random Task and look forward to a bugger, meaner version.

Vampire Gerbil: Nosferatus Rodentus Moderatus; similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Now that I've carried the Random Task for a while, I don't change my opinion overall. I would have to say that the only thing that bugs me is the clean crisp cuts on the back of the blade to prevent slippage when open. With the blade closed and clipped into my front pocket or inside the waistband, I get a nasty little nick from the sharp edge of the back cut profile. I'll wait a little longer before I round the menacing portion off with a dremel. Otherwise, looking for the new BOA!
A friend bought a Ramdom Task based upon my recomendation. It was an early model with several problems . Was sent back to Kershaw and the new version that replaced it is very good!

My past experiance with Kershaw has been that quality control is patchy, but Kershaw is alway eager to make it right. That keeps me buying their product.

I thing the Ken Onion designs are great and the fact that Ken shows up on these forums, be the comments good or bad, demonstrate that he is in it for the long haul.

My compliments to Ken and Kershaw. Looking forward to the new models. Think I'll pick up a Blackout to help me with the wait.
If anything - they area awfully FUN!
Its fun to see people startle when the knife flicks out so fast and effortlessly.
I prefer this opening method to a AUTO.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

I bought the two sizes of the Random task when it first came out just to see what all the talk was about. I also had the experience of friends jumping back when the blade opened. The blade bit my thumb when opening but I considered it user error as I hadn't worked with the knife or owned it very long at the time. Now that a left-handed version is coming out, I intend to actually carry and use it this winter. We'll see....
I've heard that the lefty version of the Mini Task is on the market. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it would be until they release the Random Task lefty?
Also, for those of you who have experienced both the larger and small versions, which do you like better and why?
I have the Black Out version and just love it you can flick that thumb stud and the blade will really snap open. Faster than a couple of my autos
Jim Smith
My Mini Task (I got it last saturday) is too much fun to play with. My thumb is loosing skin because of the only problem in Mini T: too sharp thumb stud pattering.
Thumb stud in Mini T is in more natural place than buttons in autos. My BM9700(only auto that I own) is slower in my hands than Mini T A LOT slower.