Kephart Type: Becker BK62 vs. Esee PR4?

I look forward to hearing from users of both and especially the Becker.
Very interesting to hear mr Becker's view on the Kephart, that he acquired and took cues from for the BK62.
Both super nice knives.
I own both of these because I like the style and history of Kephart. They are both fairly new to me so I am not a “seasoned” user. Having said that, I have a few opinions on each based on light use and having held both in the hand.
Commonalities between the two knives:
They weigh about the same despite the BK62 having a 5 inch blade compared to the PR4’s 4 inch blade and having the same nominal thickness. I attribute this to the BK62s tapered tang and slightly narrower blade. Both have bolt on handle construction. Both use the same steel and have the same hardness. Both come with quality leather sheaths and similarly shaped spear point blades. I believe the BK62 sheath to be slightly better leather and it has a liner. Both knives and sheaths are made in the USA.
Blade length. For the intended use, I prefer the PR4’s 4” blade. The PR4 has a blade coating/finish. Some see this as a disadvantage while others an advantage. Personally, the PR4 finish to me is an advantage. It is not a thick painted on coating but seems more of on oxidation to prevent rust; not unlike many of the forced patinas that have been used. The BK62 is too pretty for me to force a patina; though one will build with use. The handle on the BK62 is more comfortable (due mostly to thickness and profile) but the PR4 is probably more durable and not uncomfortable to me. I believe if Horace Kephart were to design a knife today, he would have used G10 or Micarta in the shape of the BK62 scales (change in material only). The spine on the BK62 is tapered/rounded and more comfortable for push cuts. The PR4 has a 90 degree spine for fire starting and scraping. I prefer the BK62 spine. Even though the thickness is the same, the BK62 seems more delicate and the PR4 more robust. The BK62 is $20 more expensive.

If I had to leave civilization and survive in the woods and had to choose between these two knives, I would choose the PR4. If I could only own one of these knives in my current state of comfort, living in my home with occasional camping/outdoor activities, it would be the BK62.

I am not an expert. I like knives and have reasonable outdoor skills and demand of use. Hopefully this will be of some aid if you’re trying to decide between the two. I could not decide and after owning both would not part with either.
Personally I prefer the Becker, though it's a longer blade length than I prefer. Handle just felt better in my hand.