kershaw 1620

Oct 15, 2012
Hello I have a collection of 1620 scallions with the DLC black blades in the following colors. Olive,red,blue,green,I need the black to complete my collection anyone know where one might be in a collection or vault please help me this 1620alblk is the hardest knife I have ever tried to find thanks for all the great info also on this forum it has helped me so much in my knife collecting endeavors!
Did you pick up the red and blue dlc's on baywatch? I really thought hard about that blue! Wish I could help, I have looked and have had no luck with an all black. Sorry.
I sure did I never pass up on cool Kershaw scallions I will pay somebody really good money for a 1620 alblk !
OK so I guess the 1620alblk is not a big hit with you guys but I did find one today the search is over I cannot express how pumped I am you would think I hit a powerball lottery! Thanks for all the information you guys have posted I will post pics as soon as its in my hands.
I have one in my collection (and don't really want to part with it); glad you found one! They are very cool...
So my next knife I will seek out will be a ZT-0300.Those of you that have them what's you take on it?
I just got the 0300BW from KershawGuy and carried it today. I had to show it off to my knife loving coworkers and even my boss (female) wants to get one for her husband now. It fits my hand well, it is SOLID and feels like "quality".

I would recommend checking out this thread

It's from way back when, but it will give you a good idea of what you are getting.