Kershaw 3140 - 110 Clone

Aug 12, 1999
I picked up a Kershaw 3140 Wildcat Ridge, which is basically a clone of 'Buck knife' that was made in Japan. It's very similar to a Puma Master that I have except that it's a bit wider, the blade is a bit thicker, and it opens and locks up a bit better in spite of the fact that I had selected the Puma out of several that were available. The etching of the model and such in the blade is a nice touch as opposed to the stenciling on the Puma. The cordura sheath is nice as instead of having a flap that folds over the top it splits at the top, making it a nice 'pocket pouch' that keeps the knife upright. The knife is heavy, appears to be well built, and is an old fashioned design that contrasts nicely with something like a thin bladed liner lock with synthetic handles. Anyway, the model is evidently now made in the US of 440A and is called a 3340 instead of a 3140, but I haven't confirmed what the steel of the Japanese 3140 is as some say it's AUS-8, the smaller 3100 models appear to be AUS-6, while most say nothing as it's a discontinued model. Anyone know for sure ?

I guess I'll need to get a real 'Buck knife' sometime.