Kershaw Avalanche in 440V...Initial Impressions

I recently purchased an Avalanche, and, so far, I am very impressed with it. It cuts great and promises to hold an edge for some time. That is actually important to me since I am pretty lazy: once I make myself sit down and do some sharpening, I don't mind working on a harder to sharpen steel. But I do not want to do that too frequently. Unlike a lot of people at this forum, I like the bead-blasting and black handle; a lanyard hole would be nice though. Are there any plans to make a knife with speedsafe technology and different locking mechanism? I do not mind paying more for a stronger lock; also, is 420V a viable possibility for a production knife? I read a lot of good things about it: it seems like it'll hold the edge just as well as 440V, but is tougher.

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On bead blasted finishes.... I too grow weary, but they are non-reflective (so is Black T).

I suspect you could disassemble your folder and use some Scotchbrite (coarse, then fine) and then on down to 600 or 800 grit using autobody sandpaper to put a "brushed" or satin finish on the dreaded bead blasted blade. Just be careful to not reduce the thickness any back in the pivot area. Probably a 1 hour task. Sandpaper at Home Depot, and both paper and scotchbrite available at autoparts place (Pep Boys).

Of course you'll probably have one wickedly dull butter knife afterwards, but a little sharpening practice never hurts.

Try tongue depressors as flat sticks to keep things flat on the flats, and they make sanding blocks that are flexible to go 90 degrees from longitudinal on hollow ground blades.

I haven't done this with a folder, but have on two fixed blades (and on a Kel-Tec 9mm slide) to a decent if not professional effect. You can never get it quite right on a fixed blade with a guard (can't get close enough to guard for perfect finish).

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I was pretty settled on an Axis Ares, but now I think I have to get a Avalanche too. I also want to get a Spyderco Starmate. When will the madness end?

Just to update I just ordered a Benchmade Ares Axis, Spyderco Starmate, and a Kershaw Avalanche. All in plain blade. Is there a knife collectors anonymous forum? I need help.