Kershaw Avalanche

Aug 8, 1999
I wanted to post about this knife beause it has thoroughly impressed me. The Avalanche is the newest of the Ken Onion designed, speed safe knives.
The knife has a blade of bead blasted CPM 440V. The blade is slightly more than its advertised 3 1/8", and the overall length of the knife is 7 1/2". In terms of size this makes the Avalanche about the size of the Mini AFCK or Spyderco Viele. The scales are G-10 with an agressive texture that makes this a very attractive knife work. Althougth the blade shape is more of a clip point like the Blackout instead of a pronounced drop point like the Whirlwind and Riccochet, it would still be quite good as a skinner or general hunting knife. The rind lines on the blade are extremely precise and well executed, and the knife came out of the box razor sharp.

The Avalanche is noteworthy to me because it represents Kershaw's best implementation of the speed safe system to date. The blade snaps open with authority and the titanium liner lock is very secure. The knife is also very light (3.5 oz.) considering the nature of its construction. My only complaints are the lack of a lanyard hole in the handle and a relatively high clip placement which exposes more of the knife in one's pocket than I consider optimal. All things considered this is a great knife. I would urge anyone considering a Whirlwind or Blackout to put together a few more dollers and get an Avalanche.
This knife is my next. That´s for sure. And since I cannot handle the knife before I buy it I have some questions. Do you think it would be possible to drill a lanyard hole to the handle the way that the cord would not be in the blade way?? Also would it be possible to remove the blade and put a satin finish on it? I tried to disassemble my Whirlwind but I could not. I guess that the Avalanche is a little bit different.



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I don't believe that you can drill a lanyard hole into the handle because the blade fills the entire handle. I believe that the knife could be disassembled and the blade polished if you have the level of skill necessary.