Kershaw Black Out

Apr 5, 2000
I just got my Black Out today, after living with it for a half a day I have one reaction: WOW!

It is very well designed and built, the blade is razor sharp and seems like it will hold an edge well, and that speed safe mechanism, well you have to experince it yourself!
That was my response when I bought mine 6 months ago. Still love playing with it to this day. One complaint on the lock, however. The liner lock disengages during the spine test after only a few light whacks. Oh well, I still like the knife.

I did 20 repeated HARD spine whacks and the lock did not fail, nor bind, seems to work great.

You might want to get your knife checked or something, possibly there is a slight defect in yours?
I love my Blackout. The only problem I ever had happened yesterday which I think you should read my most recent post for more info on that. Other than that I have zero complaints.