Kershaw Blackout

Sep 2, 2004
I just picked one up at Wally World for 49.95. I didn't like the handle much, but the Leek that they had seemed sticky and didn't open easily.

Anyway, the Blackout opens really well. Its pretty big but light. I see that people generally think well fo the blackouts, but I'd be happy to hear any comments about it. This was really an impulse buy, usually I search all over the net before picking up a knive. Hope I got a good one.
Jun 27, 2004
I EDC'd one for a few years, until I moved up in money to a BM. Great knife, really, the edge is a little weak but it'll hold up to most anything shy of abuse. .
May 18, 2000
I think it is a great knife for the price. I had the whirlwind, same knife, and used it as my yard knife for cutting all kinds of stuff. It is a tough strong knife. I eventually lost it somewhere in the yard, never could find it.
Most all of the speed safe knifes I have were stiff when new out of the box and just needed to be opened a number of times to smooth out.


Aug 27, 2004
The Black Out is a great knife. It won all kinds of awards when it was first introduced.

For what it is worth, my son carries one of the Black Outs as his EDC over in Iraq. He loves it and says it is his 'go to knife' when he needs to open a can, or a bag of jerky or just about anything else that comes up. He also says it has held up well to all kinds of abuse and that the spring has been unaffected by the grit of the sand over there., and that it is easy to hold onto even in the heat when your hands are all sweaty.

Based on my own experiences with knives I've given my son the Black Out must be a durable knife to last nearly 18 months in my sons hands. Even outside of war he has been very hard to find a knife for that will hold up. If it is "Brandon proof" it must be a good one.
Sep 6, 2002
Nice story STR. Give your son our best, please.

I think the Blackout is an excellent EDC, and enjoy mine a bunch. It is sharp, smooth, and quick. The best of most worlds for a cutting tool.