Kershaw Blur S30V Blue?

You see it somewhere? It may be a frankenblur. Check the sticky with Blur production numbers, OvalmanPA did a great job compiling it.
Only blues I'm aware of are 13c26n or 14c28n DLC coated and BB. Where did you see or hear this from?
No but we know he has a blue frame and an s30v blade,shouldnt be that hard to put them together

I would have to say if thats the case there are a handful of people on here that could do the same :)
I couldn't bring myself to Franken a blue one unless it had a XXXX marked blade or was a user with good handles and a trashed blade.
I spoke to the company that is selling them and they claim they are a dark blue but before anybody gets into a rush I guess KAI could say weither or not such a knife exists. I was hoping someone on the forum had heard of them, I'm not trying to keep people out of the chance to get one I just want to know for sure.
If it's the one from BB&B, I'd say it's a mistype. The info says available colors are "black."
I guess I need to step up my game. How in the world did you find out that BB&B sold knives? I need a few more seasons in the minors.