Kershaw Boa

Jul 2, 2000
I just picked up a Boa with multi colored handles and a satin finished partially serrated blade. It is such a cool knife!! I have carried it for a week now as a duty knife, and I must say it is an excellent performer. At the Air Force base I work at, we destroy expired I.D. cards at the gate. The lamination of these can easily dull a blade. The Boa goes through them like hot butter. The action is lightning fast. The lockup is super tight. Workmanship is faultless. It has quickly become my favorite knife to carry. I love the multi color scheme on the handles. I would recommend this knife to anyone. BTW, I am a lefty. The thumb stud is not for leftys, but the index trigger is awesome. I just removed the thumb stud. The blade had 3 design holes in it. With the thumb stud removed there is now 4. The index trigger is all I need. I don't know why Kershaw put a thumb stud on this knife. The only problem I have with it is all the little nooks and crannies it has. From a maintainance perspective it could turn into a nightmare if you don't keep on top of keeping it clean. Anyhow, Great knife. Go buy one. I doubt you will be dissappointed. I have never been so attached to a knife before but, I have a SOCOM and a SOCOM Elite on the way, so to be continued at a later date.

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I just got one and being lefthanded i don't like carring it in my left pocket and having to flip the knife around in my hand to open it.
But it is a great knife love the look and feel opens fast and locks solid.

P.S. mines for sale.
I agree with you about everything except the thumb stud. Despite the index trigger I find I can open mine faster with the stud. (Of course, I am a right-hander.)

The Boa is an amazing knife!

--Bob Q