Kershaw Bump or CRKT My Tighe

Jan 5, 2007
Just curious if anyone has an opinion on either one of these knives. I own a SOG Flash II very happy with it, just looking at adding another knive to the collection. I really like the blades on bothe knives, the handle on the "my tighe" looks uncomfortable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
You're looking at about a $110 price difference, and the Bump is superior in every respect.
Bump definitely I have both and from the opening system to the blade the bump is superior.
i dont think he means the spec. bump. I dont know what you'd call it (the regular bump?) Now that knife is in the same price range was the My Tighe. I had this same problem last month, but it was between those two and the Flash II So i decided to buy them all and see which i liked best :)
The "regular " bump was all titanium so it can't be that one. The speed bump maybe? If so, it has a plastic handle(like FRN) and rubber inserts, with a sandvik blade. In this comparison, still the Bump. Better to go with the innovator, than the imitator.:thumbup:
so ac1d0v3r1d3 which did you like the best? The Kershaw is called the speed bump. The blade is the same but the handle is different, from what I can tell. I bought the Kershaw mini mojo last night but still had some Christmas money so still looking at buying one of these 2 knives.