Kershaw Chive vs. SOG Sculptura: Pros and cons?

Nov 30, 2000
First of all, does anyone actually have a Sculptura? Are they out yet? Has anyone played with one?

I've been thinking that it's about time to get a around 2" bladed knife for certain social occasions, especially one that is not a SAK type knife. I want a good lock, one handed deployement, pocket clip, etc. The spyderco mouse is already on my "buy" list.

So, I want a comparison between the Chive and the Sculptura. Anyone handled both? What are the pros and cons of each. Here's my list, just from reading about them.

  • Pros: Speed-safe, thumb studs, all steel (except for the spacer), good looks, interesting blade geometry, and if what I've been reading is correct - a frame type lock?
  • Cons: 420 Steel, possible classification as a switch blade due to speed safe

  • Pros: Arc lock, AUS 8 Steel, interesting looks
  • Cons: No thumb stud, might not be a one handed opener

I like the looks of both of them a lot. Anyone know when or from where the Sculptura will/is be available? Almost all the feedback about the Chive has been very positive so far, and has almost placed it on the "buy" list - except for the steel...
-- Rob
Hi Rob,

The Sculptura is definitely a one-handed opener. By either pinching the spine and flinging open the handle, or by pulling back the pivoting lock-pin and flinging out the blade (and reversing the process to close the knife), it can be operated with one hand.

Here are a couple of threads introducing this knife: Thread One and Thread Two.

The Sculptura has only been shipping for about a week, so not may have had the opportunity to "play" with it. The Sculptura is a work of art that will please you in many ways.

Any other questions, either visit the SOG Forum, or email me directly.

Take care.
I only have experience of the Chive, but I heard the blade steel is AUS-6. The thumb studs act as the stop pin, and I do not use the studs to open the blade; from the closed position I push on the blade guard which starts the speedsafe. Even with my relatively small hands, trying to open it via the studs is awkward/difficult, due to its small size. And it has a frame lock. Also, even though it's not technically a switchblade, and some may classify it as such, the blade is only 2", which, in CA at least, is legal for automatic knives.
Great knife, as I'm sure the Sculptura is, too.
James -- just to be sure I understand you correctly, you do not have any trouble using the blade guard? Also, how sharp is that blade guard. Any trouble with it hanging up, shredding pockets?

I use the blade guard to push the blade open. For me, the only use of the studs is as the blade stop.

In the closed position, the blade guard sticking out behind the handle *might* cause pocket wear if it's in one place a lot. I tend to keep the Chive in the watch pocket of my jeans, though it could easily be clipped to the pocket as well. In the watch pocket, the guard doesn't seem to be an issue.

The blade has a recurve, which I'm not certain how much it adds to the cutting efficiency of such a small blade, but it probably does add a little length to the cutting edge.

With a slight push of the blade guard in the closed position, the blade snaps out with a speed and sharpness that reminds me of the Pro-Tec California-legal, mini-switchblades.

The blade guard is partially hidden in a 'dip' in the back of the frame. It's not sharp and only sticks out a little past the frame. When the blade opens a grooved thumb ramp apears in the same 'dip'.

Also, there is an un-advertised anti-pocket-shredding lock. :)

I've been using the Chive as a money clip for about a week now & it's working great- it's much smaller than the Navigator that I had been using. There are no pointy bits to snag on pocket linings- Kershaw "dehorned" this one nicely. The speed safe works like a charm- I've cut myself already while fiddling with it- (opening & closing multiple times while not looking) & it's sharp! Again- as mentioned above, the studs are a tad small for me to use as designed, but the guard that protrudes from the back works great. As I will most likely not have the opportunity or need to build a survival shelter/skin a moose w/ this little blade, it needn't be supermeganinja tough. Great little knife.
Originally posted by Rugger
As I will most likely not have the opportunity or need to build a survival shelter/skin a moose w/ this little blade, it needn't be supermeganinja tough.

This reminds me of a letter I received from a "customer" who said his MicroDot (a 2" bladed knife) "cut the head off a wild boar" and was still shaving sharp (this was an actual letter)!

You might be surprised what that Chive can do! ;)
I played with a chive yesterday at Outdoor America in OKC. It is very tiny, so tiny in fact, that I feel that it is all but usless for someone with big hands like I do. It appears to be a well made little knife, but little it is. A Pro-tech Runt feels much better to me.