Kershaw clip failure!

Feb 16, 1999
I've complained in several threads about the clips on the Kershaw Talons. I love the knives but loath the clips they come with. I've suggested removing the clips and using a belt sheath (I've done so with my modified Talon). Unfortunately I was slow to take my own advice on my Monster Talon. Just before I left last evening for my local tavern for a beer and sandwich, I slipped the knife into my pocket utilizing the clip. Big mistake! When I got home no knife! As I've stated before the placement is awful, the design is worse and as I found out it is an excellent way to lose your knife. Remove the clip as soon as you get it so you won't be tempted to use it like I did.


who dares, wins

Thanks for the advice. Sorry you lost your knife.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Ouch, sorry to hear about that. I did what you suggested, and am carrying my 1416 using a belt sheath.

Is there a difference between 1416 and others? I have 1410st (Ti ATS 34) and the clip is better (stronger) that the one on Benchmade (Emerson).

It's not a matter of stronger clip or not, but the placement itself. I too would like the clip of the Talons higher on the knife butt, so that the knife will ride lower when you clip it in your pocket.


I too almost lost my 1410 a while ago when it fell out of my pocket. Luckily, a buddy saw it, and I've kept it in my pocket ever since.

Phantom, thanks for the info. and sorry you lost your knife. Was yours the Talon or the 1416 like I just bought from the BF store? The clip on my 1416 seems rather robust albeit the knife sticks out a tad more than I like. Haven't had any problems yet whether with jeans, dockers, or shorts. I put loctite on the screws holding the clip to the scales. Seems solid as a rock. I love the robustness of this cutting tool. Everything about it exudes quality. Far above the selling price. I have found for some reason that this particular ATS-34 steeel takes and holds an edge much better than my other ATS-34 knives. I even can get that extra bite with the blade when sharpening. Keep'em sharp.
Longbow, my knife was the one from the BF store that I thought was originally called the Starkey Ridge. I liked it so much that I ordered a second one and ironically enough, it came the same day I lost the first one. My problems with the clip are that it is too far down on the knife, allowing too much to stick out of pocket. The end also curves outward instead of down making it snag on things. Also, after clipping it to a pocket on a pair of sweats that was a little thicker than jeans, it didn't grip as tight and I think that certainly contributed to the loss of the knife. I had no problems with the screws coming loose on either the big or on my modified Talon. If you want to continue using the clip,I'd suggest a lanyard.


who dares, wins