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Kershaw customer service?

Aug 23, 2000
Hi! Does anybody have any experience with the Kershaw customer service? I'd like to send a Blackout back for repair and I can't even find a phone number to get in touch with them. I seem to remember finding an address once (I'm not even sure I can find it again) but I'm reluctant to send the knife without talking to the customer service first. If somebody could give me their phone number, I'd appreciate it, as well as any information about the quality/reliability of their customer service.
In my single experience with them, Kershaw has excellent customer service. They'll take care of you.

Try These there right out of the catalog

1 800-325-2891

fax 503 682-7168

web site kershawknives.com

i have always had good service there e mail returns have been slow lately

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I had a Boa with a POS liner lock and Kershaw had UPS pick it up from my house and they sent me a brand new one about two weeks later. Thumbs up from me!

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Just don't try and email them. I sent a couple emails about 2 months ago -- still no response.