Kershaw folding field 1050

Jun 12, 2000
I don't see this knife mentioned by anyone. I have used one for nearly everything (especially dressing out big game) for nearly 20 years and never considered changing until I starting hearing about the Tim Wegner by Spyderco. Does anyone else use the Kershaw folding field?
Yup. I've had mine for around 15 years and cleaned a lot of game with it. I also have the Wegner and it's a great knife. In many ways, they are quite different knives. The 1050 is surely indestructable but over the years it has loosened somewhat at the lock. Still very solid though. Wegner is a liner lock. While I love my Wegner (actually have 3, 1 large and two small), I stopped buying liner locks and prefer frame locks or axis locks. So my daily carry now and preferred field knife is a Benchmade 720, which has an axis lock. It has an aluminum handle, which some people may not like but BM is coming out with the 721, which has G10 scales.

The 1050 is flat ground, the Wegner hollow ground. You will love the slicing ability of the Wegner. And the Wegner has better steel, ats 34. The BM 720 also has ats 34 but is flat ground. However, the blade is made of thinner stock than the Wegner and 1050, so slicing ability is still excellent while still maintaining a very strong edge.

Anyway, before you run out and buy a Wegner, you might want to take a close look at the 720. It's a good folder for outdoors work. Also, if you want the hollow ground slicing ability of the Wegner but maybe a better lockup, check out a large Sebenza.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.