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Kershaw leek , are they any good

Jun 29, 2006
I was thinking about getting a kershaw leek for A new EDC and would like to know if they are any good, Blade quality, Etc.

I have EDC'd a Kershaw Stainless Leek for about 2 months now and absolutely love it. Features that stand out are its smooth sleek design (making for easy pocket carry) and the blade shape which is great for slicing open packages.
I had one for around 6 months, I lost it twice in that time. The last time I lost it I never found it again. Blade keeps a good edge, action of the speedsafe is smooth and fast. Just watch the pocketclip, that is how I lost it both times, doesn't grip to good sometimes.
I have 2 of them. They're good quality and have a good edge on them. fits in my pocket nicely and opens smoothly. can't complain. Kershaw make some good stuff
Very good EDC. Slim, lightweight, good general use blade and oh, yeah...assisted opening. Sweet knife.
I LOVE the Leek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there were a knife Hall-of-Fame, the Leek would be in it! For EDC, there is nothing the Leek can't do. The knife keeps surprising me! I used my Boron Leek Christmas Eve and Christmas day for all sorts of cutting. From Cooking Prep to cardboard boxes on toys, and it is still SHAVING sharp!


And it is a Beautiful knife too!
My titanium handled, ZDP 189 bladed, Leek is my hands down favorite "small" EDC. I usually carry something larger, but the Leek is an awesome knife.
I have an S30V Leek with polished the G-10 handle. Great knife, keeps a sharp edge, comfortable handle. No way the clip on this is slipping. Shouldn't be a problem to remove a weak clip, bend it in a little, and put it back.

I think the Leek is a real classic, one of the great knives. Considering all the variants Kershaw's come out with, they think so too! :)
The Leek has it all-style,speed,steel selection,and sheeple friendly size. I live in the city and I've yet to have anyone be startled by mine. From a defensive point of view it has a stealth aspect in that it can be palmed and deployed quickly. It has a secure spot in the knife pantheon.
I agree with the positive posts above, I have more than one Leek and they have served me well. Great light EDC knife.
Hate to disagree with the gee wiz factor on the assited opening on this knife.. but people where i live would consider it a "switch blade".

Other than that its a GREAT knife. I love mine, and would carry it if it was leagle in my city (i live in berkeley CA) and work in San Francisco. so I carry the Nakamura.

I think the leek is my favorite knife for form and function. I have a black Tini.. wonder if the "rainbow" model would be ok ... haha its san francisco afterall.

"its rainbow man..."
Hate to disagree with the gee wiz factor on the assited opening on this knife.. but people where i live would consider it a "switch blade".

I agree. I open my Leek "manually" when I am in a situation where people would care. Otherwise you end up in a discussion about how assisted opening is not automatic.
Have a couple of Leeks, one steel frame and the other is g-10 s30v. I prefer the framelock on the steel version, but have found it to be a tad slippery. I really like the size and proportions of the g-10 version, have found it to be a great edc. It is a liner lock, but lockup has never been a problem- it is a relatively light duty knife. It is the folder most likely to be in my pocket when I go fishing, the g10 is real grippy.
I had a pair of S30V/G10's but keep making the mistake of showing them to my friends. Instant sold. Working on another, these are excellent knives for the money, and with the S30V blades, a good edge holding tool.
I've had a rainbow leek since 2002 which I'm not overly fond of. Edge retention isn't that great and I'm not a fan of the speedsafe mechanism. Fit and finish are great and the knife is built solidly but its just not for me.

I considered the Ti Leek because of the update in blade and handle material but after handling it in the store it still didn't appeal to me much.
my girlfriend EDCs a Chive (and whatever else she sees when she's at my house and thinks it looks cool), but I'm thinking of getting her a Rainbow Leek to have a little variation