Jan 2, 2001
This finely made knife has some features that are a first for me. These being titanium liners, Speed Safe mechanism, and Wharncliff blade. If it weren't for the assisted opening, I would say this would make a good air travel knife. I got the knife at SMKW for $34.99, the best deal I have come across.

The fit and finnish are the usual Kershaw outstanding. I especially like the layered G-10 handles. You have to actually see one to appreciate it. Ditto for the egoronomics, even though it's a small knife(to me) you can really choke down on it. Feels just right.

After using the Wharncliff blade on some carboard I can see why it has become so popular. This is an idea all around utility blade, steel is excellant ATS-34. After cutting a moderate amount of carboard it still had no trouble shaveing news paper.

After just a week and a half with this knife, it has already become my favorite. When not at work, this one will be on me, until something better comes along. This is a true left handed knife, but I'm pretty much ambidextrous. I'm right handed, but my right arm has been broken half a dozen times, that's 36 months of learning to be left handed. I also shoot handguns left handed, so this is no problem for me. I highly recommend this knife, it's a sweetheart. RKBA!
Whooopps! I ment to say 36 weeks learning to be left handed. Should have known better then try that while on Flu medication!
Hmm.. broke my right wrist a while back.. left mini task might be just the ticket for left pocket carry. thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the review,I ordered one the other day myself. I could not pass up that price either.