KERSHAW Liner Action 2420TST?

Oct 12, 2009
Does anyody know anything about these? I had never seen one. Came across it at a gun show and was intrigued so i picked it up. Pretty cool knife, way light, chisled blade and assisted opening mech of some sort. I did some searches and didnt find much, figured someone here would know some info on it.


Great lightweight knives. There were three sizes, large (2420), medium (2415), and small (2410, no pocket clip). I have a 2415 (drop point, plain edge) and a 2415BT (boat knife, sheep's foot, semi serrated). I had a 2410ST that I lost years ago. These are all very addictive to flip open over and over again!
I found one of these at the local shop. I played with it and I can agree its very fun to play with. I think there might be 2 detent holes in there from my time messing with it. This one would stop at 90* and then need to be opened the rest of the way if you didn't open it correctly. Stronger on it too!