Kershaw Liner Action Tanto?


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Oct 12, 1998
Does anyone know if these are chisel ground? saw them at Knifecenter, was just curious..

I don't think so
I suspect that this will be a nice knife. I have always felt that the Kershaw Linerlock series was a sleeper. I had the 2420 and it was a very good knife, very smooth opening and one of the easiest one-handed closing knives that I have ever had due to the ball detent.

I will check this new one out as soon as I can.


I don't think so either. I will check my stock tomorrow.

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I have always had a serious concern with this series, as they lock against the aluminum spacer integral to the handle scales, and not against a steel pin (at least they did last I checked). Aluminum peens much more easily than steel, and over time this allows the blade to travel farther back. This is no big deal, as the liner will rise on the locking face to compensate, but when it runs out of room, play can develop in the blade when it is open. I've only seen one in this condition, so maybe I'm over-reacting. In every other way these are unique and well-made folders and a great bargain; I've given the little ones as gifts.

Where did you find a tanto-bladed example on knife center? I must be looking in the wrong places.



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Yes, I examined some Liner Action tantos at a gun show, and they are chisel-ground. Very weird for me to see a chisel grind on a knife in this series.
I own two drop point Liner Actions, and I actually feel the design is probably more durable than any other liner lock I own, at least as far as repeated opening and wear.
Thanks for the info guys, as for the knife at knifecenter, there was a smallish picture of it and a link to them. I'm kind of disappointed in the choice of going chisel point on this one (per Mr Mattis's description), as many of you said, I have heard they were good knives for the price and think the decision for the chisel grind was a little weak (sorry chisel lovers). the knife would have served far better as one that had a simple hollow ground tanto...oh well...seriously though how hard would it be to design a hollow ground tanto than the run of the mill chisels we've been getting? even with the chisel, it would have been better to have the grind on the right side (orientational right) of the blade instead...
any thanks for the info guys..