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Kershaw Mini-Task owners?

Jun 13, 2000
I like the looks and materials used in this knife but have been unable to handle one. The only thing I do not like are the scales, I am not partial to plastics.

My question is...is it made so that it can be disassembled? It looks from the pics like it is assembled with screws, I wonder if there is an adhesive involved.

There are a few production knives that I would not mind buying, if they had different scales. The Mini-Task looks like a good bet for customization to me.

Any observations appreciated...

I like the smooth g-10. I would not call it plastic. Man made, yes. The mini task is a good performer with good snap. I would be reticent to take this apart because I am not sure what is involved with the torsion mechanism.

Roger Blake
Another MN. member- mikeo- put cocobolo scales on a Random Task. Turned out very nice! My miniTask has T5 torx screws holding the scales on and they don't seem to have any thread lock on them. You also need to remove the pivot screw to get the scales off. Mike's a great guy and I bet you could e-mail him and find out how difficult a project it is. Hope this helps.