Kershaw multi-task

Jun 24, 1999
I'm currently looking for a folding knife to be my everyday carry. I posted another topic about the Spyderco Starmate and to avoid confusion I wanted to post a new one to ask about the Kershaw Multi-task. It looks like a good knife and I've heard lots of good news from magazines. Does anyone own one or know any non-bias info about them?
I own one, but haven't used it much. Aesthetically it is beautiful, and it works great.Beyond that, I haven't had it long enough or carried it enough to say.(The Mini-Task is also a little beauty).
You mean the Random Task? It is indeed a looker, and I will be picking one up for $130 soon.

BTW: I have seen 3, count'em 3 versions of the Random Task, and no, I am not including the Rickochete or the serrations...

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I really like my Random Task, the larger, plain-edge. The blade is nice and sharp and the Speed-Safe is cool to play with. You can probably get one for signifigantly less then $130 if you check some of the internet dealers, or the "For Sale" forum.

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

I just picked up a Kershaw Ricochet last week. I decided that the drop point blade would be better for all around general use than the modified tanto style that the Random Task has. The Ricochet has a black pocket clip and the Random Task has a silver clip. The Random Task and Ricochet cost about twice as much as the other Kershaw Ken Onion models but I feel that the polished G10 handle scales and Titanium liners are worth it.
I read in Tactical Knives magazine that Kershaw is adding 5 models this year to the torsion assisted opener line - The Ricochet,
Whirlwind, Blackout (similar to the Whirlwind but no holes in the blade + has a black coated blade finish), Blizzard and they didn't say what the fifth model would be. These knives are slick- close to an auto knife and LEGAL to carry in every state in the U.S. (to my knowledge)
* If you do decide on the Random Task - look for one of the ones made recently since Kershaw made some improvements to the torsion mechcanics and gave it a taller thumb(level surface) screw than the original version that bears a angled thumb screw. I think the mini task still has a angled thumb screw.
I picked up my Ricochet($100) from MJ&S Knives, they don't list this model on their web page but Mark had it in stock, Random Task($110), to see his other prices on Kershaw (no pictures) go to>
To see some good pictures, check out this dealer and his prices >

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Has anyone else noticed the 3 different plain edged Random Tasks? The difference is just the number and placement of pins in the handle and weather or not the thumb stud is slanted or not. And no, I am not mistaking one of Shopjunky's customs for one of the 3 different variations...all you guys must think this is pretty **** stupid, but I just want to be sure that I get the NEWEST Random Task variation, because I would presume that if Kershaw makes a change, it would be for the better. thanx

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You guys are missing the best part of the Random Task and that is the CPM440V steel blade. CPM440V takes the most hair poppin sharp edge I have seen of any steel and holds it longer than any steel I have tried, including ATS-34, BG-42, and M-2. Use crock sticks and the hair just flys off. The Ricochet and Random Task and Mini Task use this steel, I don't think the Whirlwind does. Patrick at sells them for a good price also.
Stompy- Besides the placement of the handle screws and the taller thumb stud Kershaw redesigned the pocket clip. The new clip now has a hole where it attaches to the handle, this hole is right over the pivot point on the back of the knife, it would appear to be an oiling hole.
Chief, the mini Task imploys ATS-34...that is why, even though I like both designs, I would get the Random Task first, as it has CPM-440V, and I would like to see how that steel performs.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Frantium- yup it's a torx screw alright, didn't have the knife with me at the time of my posting.
Now can you tell me why the torx screw is there, since you can already adjust the pivot hex screw on the front of the knife? Just a guess- could be to adjust the torsion mechanism. Probably best not to mess with it as it works fine and a torx screw is often used to deter a owner from "screwing" it up.
-pardon the pun-

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I'm not really sure. But at a certain point, if you tighten the hex screw tight enough, you'll turn the opposite torx screw as well. All I do is to tighten the hex key while holding the other screw with a torx key. Go figure