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Kershaw never again

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Nov 14, 2000
I have always thought of Kershaw as making pretty good knives i bought a set of kitchen knives 11 mo ago for big bucks.. there already showing signs of rust there thin and hard to keep sharp i then orderd a amphibian that is a piece of sh!t looks like someone made it on a grinder from sears it is full of small holes and belongs in the knife show on cable along with the other crap my blackout plastic handles are cheap the speed safe seems ok for now but i think it will fail it keeps acting funny the more i use it i orderd a Boa from my dealer it came in today and i walked out without it the finnish on the black blade was lousy to say the least and it cost way to much i like to be loyal to certain makers or companys that i feel give a good product but i am finnished buying there knives i hate to be so harsh but i am really pi&&ed off i put up with the made in japan years and stuck with them now i can,t even get them to e mail me back...... any one else feel there products are all over the place as far as quality is concerned sorry for all you Kershaw knife nuts out there i just had to vent NO MORE KERSHAW FOR ME

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I've never had the knives you listed but I have my second Random Task. Used the first one successfully and when my brother needed better equipment I gave it to him and later ordered my current. Both are doing great with no trouble whatsoever. Everything is tight, blade right down the center, solid lockup, handle fit and finish awesome with the polished G10, sheepsfoot blade design perfect for daily encounters with massive amounts of cardboard, and takes an edge like a beauty. I was looking at a Boa next but will definitely take a hard look for the problems you mentioned though I'll stay away from the black blade which should help. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Maybe the next one you try will turn it around for you!?


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That's a shame. I got a Kershaw knife through LLBean; a simple 'camp knife' with a rounded tip, thin blade, light-weight liner lock. Very sharp, very sturdy, nice in the kitchen for slicing and spreading.

I also bought a serrated Talon, the titanium handled hawksbill, rock solid and razor sharp, the liner lock would fold up unless I really snapped the blade out. But overall, totally reliable and a good worker. Scared people though -- a claw of a knife.

I just got the Wild Wild Turkey -- slotted titanium slabs, slim, beautiful sharp blade, also a light-weight liner lock. The whole tiny knife could just about disappear in my hand. Top quality.

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The only Kershaw I own is the Whirlwind.Its been opened more times then I can count (myself and everyone I show it too) and its as good as when I bought it.Its razor sharp and locks up solid.The plastic handle does seem to be a little flimsy for me but I love it anyway.
i had a whirlwind and its a good knife.i never had any problems,locks up good,keeps an edge.no problems.gave it to my brother,he needed a knife.
i also have a mini task, ats34 version,sweet knife,blade pops open like the day i got it.however it is developing some play in the blade,but ill fix that with some of those torx drivers (if i ever get around to it)
i have no problem with kershaw at all.i think they are a great company
I got an Avalanche recently and can find no faults with it. It opens fast, locks tight fit and finish are normal for a factory knife and it stays sharp. I don't have experience with any of their other knifes, but I would definitely recommend the Avalanche...Ed.
Hey redratsnake, sorry to hear of your Kershaw troubles. I've never owned one, but we have something else in common; I also love TOOL. Can't wait for the new one to come out this spring.
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