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Kershaw Quality

Oct 6, 1998
I've heard a lot of horror stories regarding
the quality of the Kershaw Onion designs.
Today, I finally got the chance to handle a Random Task at a show. I'm quite pleased to report that this example shows none of the loose lock, or any other problems reported here. The knife locks up very secure, with no
serious play in the blade. Fit and finish is
superb. The liners are polished smooth and the handles are mated perfectly to the liners. Opening and closing is smooth and positive. It feels more like a custom than a factory knife.
The only criticism I have is that the grind lines are not quite straight.
Naturally, this knife came home with me, and
the first thing I did was to give it the spine whack test, which it passed.
Maybe Kershaw listened to the complaints of
forum members, because I think this is an excellent folder.

I have numerous Kershaw knives . The action on any one of them is very smooth and they all make a resounding CLICK when opened .
I have not had any quality control problems and ALL Kershaw knives come from the factory with a very sharp edge.
I also have a Onion Mini-Task and find it to be a very well made factory knife and the new action is nothing short of amazing.
I do find that the Mini-Task opens much smoother and quicker than the Random Task though.
Nuff Said...
The thing that got me interested in these in the first place was a post on rec.knives a few months back by James Mattis (Chai Cutlery) about the failure of one. Seems a customer had his lock let go (IIRC) and James contacted the factory. Turns out he got a phone call from Ken Onion himself, looking for details. Ken was going to meet with the factory folks to discuss some QC problems.
OK, so you may say it shouldn't have left the factory with a problem to begin with, but I'm rather impressed that both the designer and the company were that interested in a single problem. And it seems Kershaw did get their @#$% together, I haven't read about any problems at all lately - nothing but praise.
As soon as the 'lefty' versions (announced at SHOT)are available, I'm getting one; I'll let y'all know how it is.
The only Kershaw one-hander I now own is a 2415 Liner Action(a.k.a. Liner Lock). It was my first quality one-hander, and is razor sharp and very well-built. It's a little hard to open at first, because you have to apply a little side pressure on the stud, and with a little push, it flicks open like an automatic. The liner appears thin, and it goes all the way over, but it appears designed that way. It's a real good solid knife, and on this one, at least, I can say I feel Kershaw did a very fine piece of work. Jim
Just rcvd. Random Task today. I'm kinda picky but... the blade is even nicely centered in the liners! The lock held up to some serious whackin' n bangin'. It even has a pretty fair edge on it. Sure wish the handle slabs were a nice, unobstrusive med. brown or grey. Any one know what would happen if I got it cryo'ed w/o removing the handle slabs first? All input appreciated.
I have the Random Task and like the blade a lot, the thumb stud seems a little sharper than some of the other factory knives I've handled, it wore a hole in my thumb fairly quick. The G10 scales look nice but too smooth for tactical type use.
my .02

When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


Cryo with the G-10 in place means cracked handle scales. I think these things are cryoed anyway. Ask Kershaw before spending the money.


Hello all,

I just purchased G-10 ATS 34 model 2 weeks ago I find it to be a rather nice quality knife. Heavy but I like different weights, it seems to be put together quite well.
I got a the full
and the mini task. The full size is made better but is slower. I had to loosen up the pivot point on the mini and the blade has to much side to side play. If I tighten it even a micro amount, blade only gets about 80% open. Also, the lock on the mini is bad. I can push the lock all the way over against the other side (which is where it needs to be to take the play out of the blade lock). The lock itself is only bent enough to go half way on the blade. This one has a problem, I think it's going back to Kershaw. Anyone else seen this problem?
I just got a Mini task this morning. Blade grind is very good, fit is great, better than I expected. Everything about it is excellent except one thing.
The clip screws are already loose and the smallest(.050) allen wrench I got is too big.
I hope these little buggers aren't stripped out. I can't tell if they are tapped into liner or G10 only. I'm going to be real disappointed if they are stripping out of only G10.
One other thing- not quality related.
I haven't dremelized it yet, but I don't care for sharp squared handle edges. How much can I smooth the edges and open up the cutout without compromising the strength of the G10 edges?
Got a Mini Random Task about the beginning of 1999 (Christmas present to myself), excellent fit and function, at first. Then after a few weeks of usage the blade got a little loose. No problem, contacted Kershaw Warranty Dept. (Don) said send it in to us for evaluation and repairs. Repairs were made and the blade was re-sharpened and returned. Warranty has stated that this may have been an early production model and current models should not have this problem.


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I experienced the same problem with the opening and play of the mini-task as you. If you tighten the pivot screws the tiniest bit to remove blade play the blade will not open properly. If you choose not to tighten it then you are left with blade play.
I also experienced a problem with the clip coming loose. The screws on the clip "wallered" out (a North Carolina term) the tapped holes. Kershaw fixed this and the problem has not returned.
but I still love this knife

OH...G2....the hole in the thumb will go away as soon as you build up "Onion" skin.



Oh, Onion Skin, that's a good one,
am I supposed to cry while it is wearing in?


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


Wanted to report that I just got a NEW Kershaw Random Task, the thumb stud is a different type now, instead of a beveled angle that was wearing holes in my thumb it's now a straight up post with knurling across the top and the blade opens with just a hint of a touch to the stud, real nice!

Thanks Kershaw!


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


I'll put in a good word for Kershaw quality. I've not handled any of the Onion-action :) knives but I do own a G-10 Wild Wild Turkey. I don't care for the name 'cause this knife is anything but a turkey.

The lock-up is very solid and the detent is probably the best I've seen on a liner locker to date. The knife's overall fit and finish is superb - I'd rank it well above all of the Benchmades that I've owned (except for a very old AFCK), and quality wise it is probably equal to or better than most of the other high end production knives coming out of Seki City.

FWIW this knife passed the "whack the spine" test with flying colors.

Oh yeah, the thumbstud is great! It's easy to open with the checkered pattern circling the top.

Overall the knife is very light (1.7oz) and is a whole lot of blade for such a small package (3.15" blade I think in a 3.9" handle) and surprisingly strong to boot - no flex in the handle and no blade play at all.

If you're looking for a nice alternative to a BM Leopard Cub, Mini-AFCK, or Klotzli(?) check this one out.

I have had to send some Random Tasks back to
Kershaw because the blade action would just die. The early models had some problems so they reworked them and they are alot stronger and more consistent then the early ones. And they have a good turn around time of about 2 weeks. I like their knives and have some in my collection. Did any of you guys see the X-files on the 11th because Fox used a Kershaw in the show (I know I am just another X-file junky),Chris.
Top of Texas Knives


I noticed the knife and knew it was a Kershaw even before they showed a little of the name,just because of that familiar blade style.By the way, it was a 2415ST mid-size liner action.

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Hey Jailhack, you do know your Kershaws. Its nice to know that I'm not the only X-File junky in here,I wonder if we are the only ones,Chris.

Boy - You guys are good!!!

I noticed the blade of the knife Mulder used to dig the "toasted" slugs out of the wall, but didn't recognize it. I have thought for the last two days about posting a thread to see if anyone else noticed and knew what kind of knife it was... Now I don't have to. Thanks!

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