Kershaw Random Task knife review

Dec 27, 1999
I recently purchased a Kershaw Random Task knife from my favorite knife dealer. I was instantly taken by the interesting blade design and high gloss G-10 handle. The knife incorporates Ken Onion's torsion bar technology, code named "Speed Safe" by Kershaw. The knife nearly jumps out of your hand with only a slight flip of the thumb stud. Very cool technology and very handy in an emergency, when one hand operation is important. The knife has titanium liners and a very ergonomic handle design. However, the reason I am motivated to write this review is due to the edge and CPM-440V stainless steel used on this knife. I like to whittle. I have used countless knives during my lifetime in this hobby. I spent a good deal of time this week whittling a piece of hard Ohio cherry. After finishing my masterpiece(a tanto style knife with para-cord wrapped handle for my son)the Kershaw knife was still hair-popping sharp! I could not believe it! I used it to slice tomatoes in my kitchen as a sanity check. It sliced through the tomatoes like a razor. I have a good number of pocket knives from Swiss army knives to Emerson tacticals, but the Kershaw Random Task knife has earned the honored place in my pocket as my new trusty companion. I cannot recommend this knife more!
I second that review!!
love my RT- along with a 705 BT Axis and Jot Singh Spyderco, it's one of my favorite folders for everyday carry! and awesome looking blade (has to be seen in person, pics don't do it justice) as well as the handle!
did a lot of research on this one- even e-mailed Mr. Onion--- the strength in the lock is excellent, around 200 lbs. to break the lock when cranked in a vise, i think that's the figure he gave me. and the liner lock is thick enough that it really catches on the blade even with that little flick of the thumb.
I really like my random task too! However, I found the corners by the pivot and the serrations on the spine pretty harsh. Check out my mods.

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And welcome to the forums spryslak!


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Welcome to the forums. I've seen pro's and con's posted about the RT, I love mine. Good ergonomics, functional blade shape, great edge holding. And they come in a true lefty version!
Welcome to the forums also, and good choice on the knife, I've had about 6 or 7 of the Random Tasks and always liked them but someone would come along and like it better! Then later when the mood hit, either sharpening one for a friend or making a sheath for one I say to my self...this is a neat knife! and order another.

Mitch, nice job on the refurb, and you got a lefty as well! cool beans!


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