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Kershaw Random Task

Has anyone saw or used one of these knives? Sound like good steel,will the torsion-bar mechanism for assisted opening hold up for long term use? I am thinking about buying one,any body hade one?

I have one. The 440v is better than ATS-34, IMHO. The action on its great. I like the smooth G-10. The only improvement I would like is to for the handle edges to be rounded. But thats nitpicking.

Get one, I think will like. Even without the speedsafe opening this would be a good knife. Good materials, good design and well executed.

Be advised though, that early versions had some problems. The first one I had was one of them. It failed the spine rap test at a very soft tap. Also the action was slower. I sent it back to Kershaw, and they sent me one of the new ones. So beware. The new ones have a flat stud where as the older ones had a sloped stud. There is a thread somewhere on the forum on the differences.

I have had numerous Task's, both Mini and Random.

You will hear some people complain about getting cut when opening, but the only reason they get cut is because they are "riding" the blade out with the thumb. I have NEVER been cut by one and I have opened theses knives probably close to 1000 times.

The Mini-Task has a smoother action than the Random, and I feel this is just due to the size difference. The Random is no slouch in the speed dept. though.

I really love these knives and as long as you realize that it is more of a gentleman's knife for occasional use and not a hard use knife you will really love it.

BTW, it is not a torsion bar per se, think of the Speed-Safe as operating just like an ecentric on a compound bow, which when pushed past a certain point it whips open the rest of the way.

Also note that the Ricochet is just about to hit the market. CPM-440V, G-10, 3 1/4 inch drop point blade.

Hope this helps.

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I owned one and had to tweak the pivot screw slightly for it to open and lock with authority. The CPM 440V steel is awesome. Could be improved if you didn't have to push quite so hard to start it opening, in my opinion. The grind lines weren't perfect, but for the price, an excellent utility knife. Check www.ultout.com for the best price on the web for one.