Kershaw sharpening experience

Jan 26, 2013
A fellow that works in the shop approached me today and mentioned that he had noticed I had sharpened a few knives for the other guys and asked if I would sharpen his pocket knife. I am leaving tomorrow for Michigan, for a week of fishing so I almost told him that I would take care of it when I return, but he produced a kershaw brawler, and since he was reppin' some KAI I told him that I would have it back to him in the morning. I got home, busted out the stones and my strop and got out the sharpie. I was planning on just starting with a medium stone but as I was marking the blade I noticed that the angle at the upswept tip (entire forward section of blade) had a very acute degree of angle on one side, and much larger on the other side. No problem, Kershaws are aways sharp from the factory in my experience, and have a great working edge. Since this knife had never been sharpened I expected to have to do a little work. Just a few seconds on a DMT coarse stone and the angles matched the bottom section of the blade. As I started to sharpen, I realized very quickly that it was much easier for me to treat each side as two different areas. One being the main length of the blade, and the other being the upward section of the tip. I just alternated between the two until I formed the burr along the entire length, then switched sides as I moved through the stones. It took a bit to get the pattern down but it became much easier. The 8cr sharpens quickly and takes a keen edge. I had not sharpened this type of blade before, but in the future I will have a game plan. Just one mans experience with the brawler. Pretty cool little knife.

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nice...same applies for tanto. I always approach the length first, then the tip/upsweep. This also helps retain the nice angle of the tanto without rounding;-)