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Kershaw Shuffle

Its model 8700 on some sites, and these seem to be the ones without the marks on the the blade to denote the steel. Was 3800 an earlier run, maybe?

Ok KAI has updated their site to show two different model #'s and has changed the steel to 8cr13mov. Previously when I looked at the site it only had the 3800 model # and 3cr13 steel. I'm thinking the 3800 is the Walmart version. I paid $15 for mine, I wonder if the 8700 is more expensive? Maybe KAI can chime in on why the two variations. In fact click on the link at click on the tech specs and it says 3cr13. Lol
I can't figure out how to post pics on BF from my iPad. I will say that I love my Shuffle. The little screwdriver/lanyard hole is ingenious!
I personally don't care what metal these knifes are made from. I would only use it as a cool bottle opener...