Kershaw Starkey Ridge

Jun 10, 1999
I traded my Emmerson Mach 1 for a Kershaw Starkey Ridge that my friend couldn't seem to sell. I know there is a big price difference, but when I saw the quality difference, the Kershaw had it all. Much smoother action, a heavier more sturdy feel, and better feeling/lock-up. The Mach 1 didn't seem to lock up tite like my Commander. I know the Starkey has been around a while, but I just now noticed it.

I've always liked the the quality of Kershaws but never owned one, my friend would never own anything else. This knife will compliment my Commander quite well, two different blade styles two different purposes.

They are kind of odd looking, like the GT Police but great knives. A few of the knife sites that I saw that has them lists the blade as 2 3/4" but mine measures almost 4" must be a typo and G-10 has a linen Micarta feel to it.

Overall an excellent knife for the price.
There were two sizes of Starkey Ridge Kershaws. The 4" model being the less common one. These are good knives. I think most folks thought they were a bit plain though.
If you like the Starkey, you will like the xxl Starkey even more

Although it does not mindfully keep guard in the small mountain fields, the scarecrow does not stand in vain