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Kershaw Storm 2 or Buck Folding Omni Hunter

Aug 16, 2001
I've got about 40bux to spend at wal-mart and cant decide which blade to buy. I've already got the perfect edc for me a Spyderco Endura PE so it probably wont get carried but every great once and awhile. The Kershaw is a sweet knife but I'm not sold on the flipper but the Buck doesnt have a clip and it's kinda chunky.
Don't know anything about the Buck, but the Storm II is a fine knife and a steal at $30.
I agree , the Storm II is a a lot of knife for $30-$35.
You don't have to use the flipper , the studs are just as effective, I use both.
For $45 you could get the Leek at Wal Mart which is one of the Best knives ever made!

Otherwise, get the Storm II!
I checked out the Storm 2 quickly in Walmart, and the serrations puzzle me. They are almost reversed from the standard serration pattern, as they are rounded, instead of points facing down to initiate the cut and scallops ground up into the blade. How do they compare to other, more standard, pointy serrations, like those from Spyderco?
I can't speak for the rounded serrations on the Kershaw, but I have gotten a nasty cut once from the rounded, "reverse" serrations on a Ka-Bar USMC knife with barely a touch to my finger. So in that regard I know that at least the reverse serrations have the potential to be devastatingly sharp, and I would assume they would have less tendency to snag in cuts to fibrous materials. Now, whether they resharpen as easily (or easier??) I don't know.

Personally, I would prefer a Storm II with a plain edge.