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Kershaw Talon!

Jan 9, 1999
Well I recieved my Talon courtesy of the Forums store and couldn't be happier. For 44 bucks including the shipping people are missing out on a great BUY!. Anyways the first thing that struck me about the knife is the robustness of the thing. Pictures do not do it justice. I am a fan of larger type pocket clip knives and med. to stout hunting knives. Well this definetly fills the bill on the large pocket clip knife. Heavy, big,
and very well made with a nice 4" blade with a nice deep belly on the bottom and a shallower belly towards the point. Matter of fact this knife pierces like there is no tomorrow. It also seems to want to travel downwards on the withdrawal as I assume it is meant to do with the type of belly on it. The liner lock(not a big fan really of most liner locks), is very well made and I couldn't defeat it doing the spine what test even out towards the tip of the knife. I have found that even on very well made liner locks whacking the spine out towards the front of the knife will make the blade vibrate a little more and if it is going to fail it will fail with this test. Repeated whacks wouldn't budge it. I mean hard whacks too! Next did the requiste cutting tests, some hemp rope, rolled newspapers, and what I consider kind of tough one, free standing paper bags. Slashing and thrusting at those.
Recieved better than average cuts etc. The belly seemed to really help here. Gripping the knife really tightly on some(most) of the drills didn't budge the liner lock either. Knife felt super secure in the hand. Next I helped my wife cut and quarter a chicken we were going to roast but decided to barbeque.
Knife even greasy was secure in the hand and stayed exptremely sharp through out the process. My wife actually liked it although she was a little nervous at the sharpness of the blade. All in all a very well made knife that I am proud to own and along with my C16 will become my main pocket knives. Criticisms are few, most notable is that the knife sticks pretty far out of the pocket with the way the clip is oriented, and the blade pivot seems slightly gritty. I will lubricate in do course, just will break it in a little more is all. As for sharpness, well I didn't really beat the blade up this p.m. as it is to danged hot to really get into it. The blade was as good as the best of the Spyderco's for sharpness. I mean absolutely hair poppin and flinging. Still is. I wish they would have carried the belly out further but as it is it is very livable.
Hey you guys/gals are missing a hell of a deal on this. Oh yea one more thing, the handle itself would make a great defensive pain compliance tool in its own right. Solid, heavy, and sticks out both the front and back just enough for leverage on pressure points.
That's the way it is this July 1st, 1999. Congrats also to the U.S. Womens World Cup Team!

Is your Kershaw the Xtra Large Starkey Ridge (1416)? Go to the Kershaw website (www.kershawknives.com) and see it under the High Tech Folders section. I asked about this a while ago, but no one seemed sure. As I know it, the Talons are the ones with the hook/hawkbill blades. I also see that BF list all the Kershaws in the store as Talons, but that is contradictory to what I knew. I need your confirmation as I want to buy it to (39.95 from BF is a REALLY good deal).

I have two of the smaller version (model 1415) and love them. I've been thinking about getting the larger one like yours. My only complaint is that the locking liner is exposed too much out of the scale, and it is too easy to disengage the lock when white knuckling the knife. But I agree that this knife is a real sleeper.



Get one, get two even! When I got my 1416 from BFC, I couldn't believe how large this knife is.

It's most unfortunate that it seems someone decided to use it first before I got it, most probably customs here in this country. The first 1/2" of the tip had all sorts of dings and bends on the edge, and I had to re-profile it. But it's now back in shape, and it can really take an edge!

With G-10 handles and dual titanium liners (or steel, not sure), it gives the best bang for the buck! It gives this solid "clack" sound when I open it, hehehe... pretty hefty too.

I'm just wondering why they discontinued this model, as I don't see anything wrong with it.


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Model 1416 is the Starkey Ridge

The ones with the curve is the "talon" like
on a bird.

They are two different knives.

I have the 1416 quite a big heavy knife I love it only complaint is the Clip it developed a bend. Not really made to have on
your waste as you sit.

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Frantium, the 1416 is indeed the Starkey Ridge. I ordered one first time around for $49.95 and thought that was a steal. Just ordered my second at the new lower price. But the clip is worse than worthless. It loosened up real quick after only a few days carry and makes the knife easy to lose. I'm removing the clip and going to a belt sheath.


who dares, wins

This knife is the KS1416. Not the hawk billed models. It is a very large and robust folder. The more I use it the better I like it. As for the clip on it I have worn it clipped in the right front pocket and tucked inside the waist when golfing today. Didn't budge an inch and the clip seems to be very secure. Put a couple of drops of 3 and 1 oil on the pivot and it opens like glass. No hiccups and smooth as silk. The sharpness of the thing is astounding. I think the ergonomics of the handle are pretty sound and in no way can I defeat the liner lock on it.
It is thick and stout. Doesn't seem to stick out at all to where it would be a problem of accidentally closing it even in a panick situation. I have whacked on it to no end and really have white knuckled the thing and the lock is as solid as can be. Still wish they had carried the belly out alittle more towards the point but can live with it just fine. I am telling ya folks it is a hell of a deal. thanks
Thanks all of you guys, especially longbow, for the confirmation.

Dan buddy,

I'm sorry to hear about your knife. Are you the one who lost a Sebenza lately, or is it Titan? Is it your worst experience regarding shipping knives to SEAsia? I'm just curious, because I've had some bad experience too. I shipped 3 M2 AFCKs to Indonesia last December, hoping that they would make it before Christmas. They never got there (sigh...). They're lost in the jungle of Indonesian bureaucracy.

OK, now off to BF Store...

Hey Reynaert.

Yep, I'm the one... argh!! and I hate to think about it everytime. Even though Chris and Anne Reeve graciously told me that charges will be reversed (via Stjames) it still doesn't cover the fact that I've lost one deal which is once in a lifetime for me (unless someone else has a 12/3 Seb and selling it).

Actually, it's not only the Seb, but lots of others, specifically during those one or two months (April/May) in which I lost a LOT of packages, which normally arrives on time!

Everything seems to be okay already, so far.. knock on wood.

As to your shipment to Indonesia. Rule #1 is NEVER ship items when approaching a major holiday (i.e. Christmas, etc.) that's almost 100% they won't see it anymore.

Also, isn't it that last December, Indonesia had a "civil war" of some sort? or a riot, I think? Hmm... wonder what those 3 AFCKs are for..

Going back to the Talon, the more I handle it, the more I like it, even when comparing it side by side with my other folders here. I'm ordering another one from BFC, to give to my dad.

Is it just me? Or does this KS1416 look uncannily like a x-large Sebenza????? The handle contour, the blade shape... ???

Now look what you've done, Rey!
hehehe!!! I'm seeing Sebs all over.. AGH!!

Hmmm... about the KS1416... Do you guys have any problems opening it via the thumbstud? I think in my knife here, the ball-detent is really bearing down on the blade, and it's a bit of a pain to open it. But once it gets away from that ball-detent thing, the flick is smooth as silk.

Hmmm... is the blade naturally this color? or is this the ATS34 discoloration? Mine looks a bit like gold or bronze or something, not stainless-looking. But I like it!


Yes, Indonesia had a nationwide riot at that time, and I didn't think it would be that bad. But anyway I've learned my lesson the hard way

About Sebenzas. I had missed several opportunities of acquiring Sebenzas at a 'once-in-a-lifetime' deal. I was mad and pretty upset. Then Cecil came along and we made a deal on a used Sebenza. Caution: I don't know about you, but after that used Sebenza, I bought a brand new one not long after that, so that I got one to keep. Talking about bad addiction. Be patient, your time will come, my Little Grasshopper

You brought up an interesting phenomenon though, my two 1415s have this discoloration too. I thought it was because I sliced some fruits with one of them, but it also happened to my unused one. I used to polish them with the Happich Simichrome, but I gave up after the fourth or fifth time. Should we be concerned?

I don't really know about the discoloration, but I kinda like it.. hehehehe..
Makes for a unique blade, something like golden silver or something. Maybe that's why it's discontinued? I already wrote to Kershaw, and have yet to receive any sort of response from them.

About the Seb, well I have a lefty version on order from Cecil, but might have to let it go after that incident, as I fear there might be a "strike II" if we're not careful. Either that, or I'll just ask Cecil to insure it for a thousand dollars or something... hehehe..

I'm not sure about the condition of Indonesia right now, but were you able to recover the loss of the AFCKs?? Gee, I sure hope so!!!

The AFCKs? Nope, never heard about them again. After spending so much money on international calls, I don't even want to hear about them again. The political situation in Indonesia is heating up again after the election last month, so I might as well bring them myself when I go there.


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You did ship them INSURED, Rey?

I sure hope so... better to wait it out than to lose it for good.

I sure hope the Native sheaths arrive soon, so that I can get my Blue Native already, plus the extra Talon I ordered for Dad.

Did you order yours yet?

Well I have the Talon for about 5 days now and have been using it as much as I can. I can't tell you guys enough, to get one of these tools especially at the price they are offering it. I have used it in concert with my CUDA, C16, and was going to do the same with my AXIS until I sold it. The Talon definetly out performs the above mentioned knives to a good degree. In both slicing, cutting, and just plain utility. My C16 is a very close second and for a lockback I think is the BEST bargain out there. The CUDA it was no contest in any of the tests conducted.
It placed a distant 3rd. Least ways in my highly subjective testing. The testing consisted of cutting up some polypropelene rope, not much but about 10 feet. It was 3/8" in diameter. The only caveat being which one required less pressure to make it through. The Talon req. the least while the C16 was a very close second. Not using the serrated portion anyhow. The CUDA I had to use a sawing motion to get through. Actually dulled shortly there after. Next was hacking on some seasoned silver maple. Very hard wood! The Talon hacked through about 3" diameter stick very quickly, while the other two knives took more effort just because of the weight of the knives and the CUDA being some what dulled by the polypropelene. If the C16 was heavier it may have matched the performance of the Talon. It went through just with more effort. The C16 because it is a lot liter in weight I had to use like a snap cut choked back on the grip to really get a good bite. Both the Talon and the C16 would bite very deep though. I could be rougher with the Talon more so than with the C16 though. Just a plain stout knife. Next I cut up an old pair of Carhart pants. Stuffed the legs with newspapers and hung them up in the garage. Both the C16 and the Talon performed very well with the Talon making bigger slashes I think just cause of the bigger blade. The CUDA barely cut the fabric. Seriously dulled after the poly rope cutting. After this I stood paper bags up without anything in them and did some quick snap cuts and again the Talon very well. I consider this a good test of blade geometry, if the bag crumples at all or moves back alot you lose alot of the performance of the edge of the blade. Also depending on how much you have to work the snap cut into the bag. You know less effort better design. Although the Talon made slighlty longer slashes than the C16 they were both very adequate. I think this has more to do with point design than edge design between the two. The Talon just peirces like no tomorrow. Neither knife was very seriously dulled after these tests either. Although neither were hair poppin but they were still definetly sharp. Somewhere between hair scraping and hair poppin. CUDA wasn't even hair scraping. Although it punctured the free standing paper bag easy enough. Anyways although very unscientific it was an amusing test for what it is worth. I still count on my snubby .357 or my .45 CCO for personal defense to a very high degree of reliability and function. It is also very nice to know that either of the two blades mentioned will get the job done if all else fails. I won't mention my SA-93 just because that has a very different purpose and mission. As for indexing the knives and bringing them on point the Talon was the easiest to get into play while the C16 was next and believe it or not the CUDA was last.
The button kept hanging up in my pocket interfering with the draw. This test was purely subjective, no timing involved etc. More of feel for the quickness more than anything. Knife retention definetly goes with the Talon and the CUDA. They are just bigger in the handle allowing a gorilla grip that is more comfortable than the C16. Although I never once felt ill at ease with any of the 3 for retention. Again all subjective. It should be noted that the CUDA was definetly not as sharp as the C16 or Talon. Just can't get it as sharp. So to say it failed I guess is a misnomer. I am sure if it was like a razor it would have done better. Again my test being highly subjective to the one doing it(me). But I also think that a knife as a tool and defensive weapon should be easily sharpenable which after doing the test the C16 and the Talon are while the CUDA isn't. It should also be noted that while doing all of this never once did I feel concerend about the locks on any of the knives failing. I have defeated the liner lock on the CUDA too, but still didn't feel uncorfortable about it closing. I just may have to order another of these 1416's. They are that good!!! thanks and keep'em sharp.
Nice test, Longbow!
Keep 'em coming.

BTW, have you tried sharpening the 1416 yet? I did that just a while ago, and on my ceramic files (Spyderco Profiler) it makes this gritty sound, nothing that I should really worry about though, but the only other time I get the same sound, is when I sharpen my Benchmade knives. I wonder if the heat treat of the ATS34 is the same as that of the BM knives... too high?

Did you get any chips or dings when chopping through wood?

I didn't get any chips or such. Sharpened as easily as my C16. The CUDA I think is a lost cause trying to get it sharp, and my Axis gets darn sharp too. As for the sound of the 1416 couldn't discern anything out of the ordinary. Can't tell you guys/gals how much I like this knife. Strong, robust, and sharp with good handle and blade ergonomics. It is now my main carry knife. Keep'em sharp.

Just confirmed the same thing. I tried chopping some wood over here, hacking it is more like it. This knife just cuts and cuts, wood shavings everywhere. And I really mean to damage the edge, or at least make it roll. Fat chance. Tried it on rattan, bamboo, etc.

Although not shaving sharp anymore afterwards, it only took 4 swipes using my Spyderco Profiler set to get that hair-poppin' edge back.

I then went to deboning some chicken (for lunch) and hacked through bone, too.. no dings. I'm just wondering what those customs people did to really make it ding.. most probably hit steel or something.

This thing is really a keeper for me. At this price, if I can only afford it, I would like to just get as many as I can, as the price is good enough for giveaways.

Oh yeah, what are these liners made of, anyway? Steel? or titanium?

I havent heard anyone talk about the Talon 1420ST model. I purchased this from the Forum Store also. I havent had a chance to really use it much.. but I can say this.. it is an awesome knife.. and razor sharp...nice feel to it in your hand. I can wear it inside my waistband and it nicely conceals itself. one thing.. it seemed to be slightly discolored.. I used some oil on it and for the most part cleaned up.. so I assumed it must be rust of the sort. Anyone else get this model? For 39.95.. it seems to be a steal!
Just got word from Kershaw's Customer Support that liners are stainless steel.

Markim, the discoloration that you mentioned, that's the blade, right? I'm not sure about it, too.. but the blade on my 1416 seems somewhat bronze-like, and not silvery like most ATS-34 blades. Although I don't think it affects the way this knife performs, and I kinda like the color, too! hehe..

I don't think it's rust, btw.