Kershaw Talon

Feb 28, 2001
Like to ask if the Kershaw Talon is indeed discontinued.

This is going into my consideration of whether to buy a Talon first, or a SOG Night Vision.

Thanx in advance.
I think that they discontinued it(kershaw 1420,1421 and 1422) 1999. Some were available through BF (before 1sks) and the price was wery nice. Some dealers may have some pieces still. At least 1422(the one with bottle opener) and 1421 (g-10 version) are discontinued.

I won't sell my 1420 or 1420 ST.

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Thanx Tommi, looks like 1420 it shall be, and I probably have to go grab that last piece ASAP.
I have a Talon I bought last year. The titanium handle is a bit battered from several months of use but the lock is still smooth and precise. Heck, it opens smoother (teflon washers) than most of my folders, production or custom. The ATS34 blade came shaving sharp an holds an edge well.

Never regreted buying one and still think it is a good buy if you're looking for a hawksbill style folder.

When I last checked (a couple of weeks ago), AG Russell still had the combo-edge version listed in their online catalogue for $89.95, which was where I bought mine. Here's the link:

However, I would recommend getting plain edge version as the blade is too short for the combo edges to work well.


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I have a new unused 1420 plain edge ti handle I'll make you a deal on that you can't beat, decided I like a regular blade shape better, email if interested.