Kershaw VOLT 3600 - Serial Number Registry and picture/info thread

Apr 17, 2010
Volt 3600.jpg

The Mighty Kershaw Volt 3600: A further inspiring original folder addition to Kershaw's line for 2009. The Kershaw Volt 3600 features a broad handle designed for ergonomic control and a deep finger choil for added grip, making this folder devised by R.J. Martin a vigorous hard-use working tool. The Volt is constructed of Composite; Bohler M390 Powdered steel / Crucible CPM-D2 and CNC machined 6AL 4V Titanium with integrated G-10 inlays and a frame lock with a pocket clip for ease of carry.

Kershaw Knives 3600 Volt Technical Specs:
Steel: Composite; Bohler M390 Powdered steel / Crucible CPM-D2
Handle: CNC-Machined 6AL 4V Titanium with integrated G-10 inlays
Lock: Frame Lock
Blade: 3 7/8 in. Closed: 4 7/8 in.
Designed by RJ Martin
Made in USA
Features: Flipper Frame Lock; Pocket Clip
MSRP: $299.95

MQQN hinted about a registry thread for the 3600 Volt... so here is my first post in the Kershaw / Zero Tolerance forum.

Please post pictures, information and stories about your Volt 3600, and post your serial number if you wish (I will keep track of them in this thread)



Serial # Registry

#045 Geoguy_Dave (blem)
#054 Solidorange (blem)
#088 BradT85
#122 Pharmagator
#139 mqqm (blem)
#178 presz (blem)
#198 Jestersinthemoon
#203 C Ben Susrool
#222 BobSig (blem)
#223 Tyrade83
#259 Pharmagator
#285 Pharmagator
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#88 here. Safe to say its my favorite knife.

Sweet! I was thinking about this today - thanks for taking it on, Mike!!

My 3600 is #139, and it is marked as blemished.




#223 (non-blem) here. I'll put pics up when I get home in a week or so. I love the knife, but it sadly hasn't been getting the pocket time it deserves because I really dislike the clip. I know all I'd need is an aftermarket one and I'd carry it more, I just haven't gotten around to finding one.
#198 non-blem here.

There's no doubt it's a beautiful knife. For some reason it doesn't pull on y heart strings like some of my others. May be going up for sale before too long. I've been saying that for a while now, but have yet to come to a definitive decision.

Number 203 (blem that I can't find.)
I had also traded for another, but it was delivered to the wrong address in area code 76135, and I never received it.
Thank you USPS.
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my 2cents... I have owned a couple of Kershaw blems and Spyderco factory seconds... I have never found anything (except perhaps a cosmetic 'flaw') that would differentiate one of these from a non-blem/second... I don't know how the 'inspectors' decide which knives are blemish/second and which are not...