Kershaw Whirlwind

Oct 4, 1998
I discovered a little unspoken for folding money the other day and decided to buy a knife just for fun. I just received my Whirlwind and I'm very pleased. I was surprised right out of the box. For a plastic handled knife its got good heft. Feels solid in the hand and has good ergonomics, somewhat like an Endura in my hands. The swirl pattern checkering provides good "grippability". Three screw clip allows for a deep pocket carry.

The fun starts when you give a little nudge on the thumb stud. The 3&3/8" blade swings open with authority. I'm not joking. The torsion bar assist really works. 440A wouldn't have been my first choice of steel, but it is shaving sharp with a nice thin bevel, so we'll just have to see how long it'll hold an edge. There is no blade play and if the pivot loosens up a little more, with my repeated and obsessive flicking, it will be lightning fast. With the three hole design in the blade I think it's pretty darn nice looking, too.

Congratulations to Ken Onion and Kershaw on making a reasonably priced, quality knife with a high "cool" factor. And thanks also to Cliff and Kimberly Hanks from Ultimate Outdoors who had it at my house in two days for under 50 bucks (including TX tax)!