Kershaw Wild Wild Turkey - G-10

Anyone have any experience with these slim little folders? I have handled one and was impressed with the weight, or lack there of, and the nice blade-to-handle length ratio.

I have the Ti Wild Wild Turkey and I love it for 3 reasons: 1.) The skinny ATS-34 blade essentially makes it a folding filet knife-real handy for carving cuts. 2.) The thumb stud is positioned on the "tang" at the base of the blade, below where the edge begins, and therefore does not get in the way of what you're cutting. 3.) The action is smooth and adjustable (I llke my folders real tight and this one was so fast, it took some getting used to, so it was great to be able to make that adjustment).

If the G10 version is made the same way, I think you won't go wrong with it. The Hawk (the WWT's bigger brother) is also a great knife.


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