Feb 9, 1999
Was wondering if anyone has this liitle knife? It has grown on me! While the temper seems a little hard, it is very handy. Liken to a mini fillet knife. Easy draw,tip up and very smooth. A great steak carver,
No, Bartman, nobody owns the Kershaw Wild Wild Turkey. That knife must be a real Turkey!

Actually, I'm sort of interested in this knife. I considered buying it at one time. I think it would make a good shirt-pocket knife. My main concern with this knife, at least with the specimen I handled, was that the handle shape seemed to leave a tiny bit of the blade uncovered, or barely covered, at the tip. I thought it might snag on clothing and open up slightly, which could cause an accident. Is yours like that?

Would you do my a favor, Bartman? Would you please peel, slice and core an apple with the Wild Wild Turkey, and report to me if you think the knife is well suited to that purpose? The narrowness of the blade makes me think it ought to work fine as a paring knife. Blade thickness and handle shape are important considerations as well in a paring knife. Is the handle straight enough to allow for comfortable use in peeling potatoes and that sort of thing? A curved handle is awkward and can cause fatigue to the hand, especially if the blade is wide.

What do you think? My initial impression was that the Kershaw WWT is a pretty good knife with a really stupid name.

David Rock
I handled a Hawk, the bigger brother of that Turkey, it was really nice, don't know about fruit cutting, but the knife was so light, and the blade action was really smooth.
I have wanted one, and now again. The Turkey would be nice and light for that summer day.

Mark Camp

"Life is nothin' but a series of fascinations"

Hello David, I had given up on this thread, but this knife<(REALLY STUPID NAME!!) is a pretty ok knife..Its one of those you find yourself reaching for more often than you want to. It does work well on fruit peeling, ect. The blade seems to be too narrow for say chopping carrots,celery,ect. The blade thickness is good and thins with a false edge bevel. The knife works well for delicate cutting and paring. Seems to be an odd blade to handle angle when chopping you must use a steep angle or your fingers hit the counter or chopping block, you end up using the very tip of the blade only. The knife whittles good. You are right about the tip being barely covered, it is. But have had no problems in that area, the block at the end kinda protects it.
The pocket clip is pretty low, have snagged it a few times, almost lost it! Makes a great shirt knife. The tip up carry is great. It is well built and smooth as butter. Lastly the steel seems to have a 61 rw hardness, it sharpens slow, temper on Kershaws ats is hit & miss?? All in all it is a nifty little blade..Works well on a New York Strip
Don't know where they got the name? They must have been drinking to much Wild Turkey
Its a great knife for $60, I wouldn't pay more! Hope this helps.
Your friend Bart
I rate the WWT (silly name!) as a nice executive shirt pocket knife. Elegant, very sharp, and the ball bearing detent seems adequate for the lightweight blade in the tip-up condition. The Kershaw Hawk, with a heavier blade, is, in my humble opinion, more likely than most to have the owner find the point with his/her fingers.


I'm interested in the WWT. You have concerns regarding the quality control of their heat treatment?
I've got one. Want to buy it?

It has a great blade; cuts very efficiently. My only gripe is with the handle. It is a bit flexy for a liner lock application. Mine stays locked very well, but the lock starts off in the middle of the blade tang, and moves over to the far side if you cut anything. Luckily it doesn't tend to jam there, and the gap between the blade and the liner is to small.

Great knife for light work though.

Hello WALKER,Not that the temper is bad but the ats34 in this knife is very different than any of my other ats blades. It seems to be harder, less grain and it is much more silver in color..Makes me question its metalurgical make up?? HMMM..Don't know all that much about tempering but do know you can change the properties of a metal in doing so. This is not sooo bad though it is a great little gentlemens knife.I have the Titanium handle, not the G10..Mine is not flexy in the least,and passed both liner lock tests.. I donot take very good care of it, it has taken a beating! Its one of the few Kershaws I been pleased with. Had it for 2 years, but my new mini socom is the bomb baby!!!Great shirt knife!!Steve will sell you his??