Kestrel or Sere 2000

Apr 18, 1999
I have been considering adding another unnecessary knife to my collection. In that I have many four inchers, I thought I'd try something a bit shorter. Both the MT Kestrel and the new Sere 2000 have caught my eye. At present, I am leaning toward the Kestrel, but that could change in ten minutes. Has anyone had experience with either of these knives? Any input will be appreciated.

Yes, I had a Kestel, and sold it--and I'm a Microtech collector. Despite my passion, I actually like to use my stuff. And truth be told, that re-curve blade just wasn't good for the daily stuff. I do have ornate knives and knives I don't carry on a regular basis, so I understand a knife as 'pure collectible.' I switched over to an LCC for a daily carry--same quality, and definitely more user friendly. From what I have heard, the SERE's are built very tough.--OKG
Willie Boy,
I too have had both. Now I have neither. I am in the process of rectifying this situation since I have an Al Mar comming tomorrow. Do a search on the Knife Reveiw forum with the SERE and you will come up with a ton of info. I replaced my Sere with a LCC and then ended up trading the SERE. BIG MISTAKE! Plan to put up the LCC and carry the SERE. The SERE is a heck of a knife for the money. It gives MT's fit and finish a run for its money as it is very comparable. Kestrel is too small and too specialized for me.

Art Sigmon
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My choice would be the SERE 2000. This is a beautifully built knife. It can be used to do just about anything a knife will be required to do.
These are two wayyyyy different knives. I have both and like both but to me the Krestal is more of a conversational piece and something really cool (and small) to carry.

For true knife functions I agree with Art, the SERE does just about everything you would expect a folder to do....and easier to sharpen, too.

Get the SERE if you can only get one.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

Thanks for your input guys. As recommended, I have reviewed the other SERE threads and, with hands shaking, I ordered the SERE five minutes ago. When it arrives, I give you my impressions. Thanks again!