Keychain blades

Oct 5, 1998
After seeing a couple of comments on keychain accessories I'm curious to see what you attach to yours. My wife thinks I'm a little nuts but I carry a micra and a Schrade CH8 Cliphanger on mine...until I get to pick up a KISS.

I carry a really cute little Schrade lock back connected to my keychain. It's about two inches long when folded. The blade is about 1.5 inches. It cost under $10.

This is the perfect knife to use when you don't want the 'Oh, he's got a knife' comment from sheeple types. It's so cute, but it cuts pretty well - small boxes, letters, etc...
The Micra...Havent found a need for replacement yet...I always carry a Wave or Swisstool and the micra seems to always have what the other tools dont have when I need it.

mira on one ring and a little Wenger SAK on the other.

Ladybug w/ carbon fiber scale and Baby Wayne Gaddard. Both looks so cool. I carry them on different occasion. But wish that my Baby Goddard's blade's made of ATS steel.

Tekna X-tra Edge. I have had this one since high school (early 80's) and have cut thousands of things with it. About a 1.5 inch wide blade made of some kind of cheap stainless. Takes a good edge and holds it reasonably and the knife is just long enough to hold all my keys securely when I stick it in the front of my 2" duty belt.
I read from that LM showed protos of colored Micras (red, green, black, etc.) during the recent SHOT Show. I sure would like a colored one!
I just purchased a Delica II to try as a key chain knife. I am planning on removing the clip and testint it out tomorrow.


Tom Carey
The Swiss-Tech Utili-Key is pretty cool too. Don't even know its there. The beer opener works in a pinch, but not the most comfortable thing going....jeff
I don't carry a knife on a key-chain, but I carry a photon and a p-38 can opener.
Those Photons are tougher than you think!
Sometime during the day I seperated my keys and missed gettting the Photon/ p-38 back on the ring. That night i washed a load of pants and dried them in the morning.
The wife and I have an agreement that any money found during laundry was yours to keep. While pulling out the load of pants I heard the jingle of what I thought was change. Turned out to be the Photon/ p-38. To my amasement the Photon still worked. Through a cold water wash and a medium heat tumble dry and it still worked!


I, like James, carry a GT Mini auto. A great keychain knife.


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On my keychain:

Swiss Tech Utilikey
Photon (blue -- my girlfriend stole the turquoise one)
Occasionally a SwissTech Mariner (usually only when I am without my Wave)

And I think there are a few keys on there too.

My girlfriend has a Victorinox Midnight Messenger and a Turq. photon. My mother has a Spyderco Ladybug. My father has a Victorinox Clasic. I bought all of these items for the respective persons and I think they are all good choices.

The micra is my personal favourite. Very useful. I never use the knife blade, though. If you just want a knife blade, here are some I have owned/played with that are good choices (in addition to the ones mentioned):

CS Mini-Pal
CS Ready Edge
AG Russell Pocket Scalpel

In short, there are alot of good ones out there.


Clay Fleischer

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Micra on mine however the new SOG cross grip looks interesting, since my wave already has scissors an extra pair of small pliers may come in handy. But then again on days that I carry my swisstool I would need the micra for the scissors. I could just do both and alternate key chains depending on which one compliments my multitool of the day.
I have the CS mini-pal, nice little blade. Although it's damn near impossible to sharpen, the small punch-dagger grip makes cutting very easy on the old hands.
ps that and some keys...but those don't matter

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Thanks to all that replied, but in trying to convince my wife that I wasn't nuts to carry a knife on the keys, I just managed to convince her that we're ALL nuts.

I carry a SAK Illuminator. Its a Classic with a red LED in the handle. Small blade, nail file w/ screwdriver tip and scissor.

I also have a white photon light on the same key ring.