Keychain Help

Dec 5, 2000
Here is my problem, just about all of the things I EDC are concentrated into one pocket. I carry my keys, knife and wallet in my right front pocket. It is starting to become a pain, sometimes quit literally, especailly as my key rig carry grows.

At the moment I have a small talonite blade, Photon II, LM Pulse, glowring, and key as my keyrig. Fitting all that into the same pocket as my wallet (which is always empty, but actually helps in this case), and knife is kinda tight. Now I am also thinking of adding a Prybaby to the carry so it would only make things worse. I also just ordered a Surefire E2e, which should be here soon that I am thkning of adding to the EDC mass of stuff, as well as possibly a ligher.

I am toying with the idea of clipping the whole keyring mess to a carabinner or some such thing, clipping that to a belt loop and hanging it into my back pocket. Now I am trying this out with a full size carabinner that I have lying around and see a few problems. Firts off I don't really like the big carabinner here, seems awkward. That is easy enough to fix though, as plenty of smaller options are available. Secondly, and more important, this method keeps the keys and junk just at the very top of my pocket. I am interested in it possibly being just a bit deeper, any ideas on what to use for this? Also, anyone have experience with this setup that can tell me how it works out in the long run?

I am thinking that deeper carry would be a bit more discreet, and more secure too. The only problem I can think of is that it would put this stuff in an uncomfortable position when I sit. As it is now the stuff is hanging just at the top of the back pocket, and thus when I sit I am not sitting on anything sharp.

Thanks in advance for any input.
What's in your other pockets?? Could you move stuff around some, maybe?? I keep my knife, light & pen in RF, keys in LF, wallet in back. I keep my keys on a biner, but I just clip it to the top of the pocket to keep things in line. Works just fine for me. .
I slip a toy carabiner onto the right side of my belt, gate up, and hang the key ring on that. The keys (and prybaby, pill case, whistle, Photon, glow ring, and tiny SAK) hang just below belt level. Secure, easily accessed sitting or standing.

I have got a couple of dog's choker collars which are thin but long, and would work fine for attaching to 'biner and keys if I wanted to be able to drop them into a pocket but still have easy access to them.

I don't like carrying a knife in the bottom of my pocket because of the lint it might pick up and because it could open or slip out of a sheath, so I clip a folder to the top of the pocket. I carry my wallet in my front left pocket.
ACMarina said:
What's in your other pockets?? Could you move stuff around some, maybe?? I keep my knife, light & pen in RF, keys in LF, wallet in back. I keep my keys on a biner, but I just clip it to the top of the pocket to keep things in line. Works just fine for me. .

That's the thing, I really don't have much of anything in my other pockets. LF is a tube of Chapstick and car keys. I just got my Surefire a few minutes ago, and slipped it into LF. Both rear pockets are empty, so I want to utilize them to distribute some of my gear.

I really don't feel comfortable carrying my wallet in a rear pocket, especially living in the city. It just seems to easy for a pickpocket to reach in and grab it. Basically I am set on keeping my wallet and knife RF. Everything else can be moved around until a good setup is found. I am thinking the carabiner and keys dropped into rear might work out ok for me. Just need to buy a smaller model biner, but I guess time will tell.
I made myself a small leather case to carry all my goodies. I posted a picture a few times in this forum. The case measures about 4 inches wide, 1 inch thick and 3 inches high. In it I carry a Longbow Micra, spare battery, blazer micro torch, Leatherman Squirt, Kershaw Chive, Fisher Space Pen, Secure Digital card and $20. All items are separate, and by using lanyards I can pull out just about anything except the spare battery and the SD card without taking out the case.

This arrangement makes it very easy to carry everything with me, since I just put the case in my pocket and leave. I normally wear loose fitting pants, so the rig doesn't show much.

Sounds like an awful lot to have on a keychain! I would D/C the pulse and perhaps carry it in a back pocket or in a belt sheath. The talonite blade sounds interesting, how big is it? Try to just see what you can live without and work it out from there.
Good luck!
I use one of these on my keys. I dont know if i would ever employ it as a SD weapon unless the Fit really hit the Shan but it works well to keep my keys. i just stick it inside my belt or bants at the waist and let the keys hang over the belt. Must have a few keys to hold it in place, 5 or so. or a few other keychains. It has yet to fall out on me during normal use.
mlawson said:

I have one of these on my own keychain. A small plastic one. I used to drop my keys a lot. Since I added the Kubotan, I have not dropped my keychain once. Also, I can find my keys much easier. Don't have to fish around for them as much. Just grab the long piece of plastic and I have them.
Jazzman said:
The talonite blade sounds interesting, how big is it?

Here are a couple of quick pictures of it.

In a CF pattern concealex sheath by Eric at On Scene Tactical:

The knife itself, overall length about 2" and maybe 1" wide:

My keyrig as I am playing with it now:

There is also a photon II hiding under the mini blade and Pulse.

The binner gets clipped to a belt loop, and the keys and such hang down into my rear pocket. It is pretty comfortable, but depending on the pants I am wearing getting the keys in/out can be a bit of a pain. I am thinking of maybe just leaving the whole bess hanging freely from a belt loop, or for even more security from my belt. Still need to get a smaller binner to see if that would help.

Actually I had been thinking of ditching the Pulse. It is just hard for me to do, as it offers so many useful tools that I don't normally have anywher else in my carry kit. Those pliers come in especially handy at times. Taking stuff off is a hard decision to make, I was walso debating getting rid of the small blade. I always carry my regular EDC knife, and the Pulse has a blade and is always on my keychain so it seems the most redundant. I am also planning on adding an Atwood Prybaby soon, and replacing the glowring with a Tom Anderson Micropod.

I carry my EDC clipped RF, and am trying a Surefire clipped LF but don't know if it will stay there.
Maybe some pouches on a belt would help things? What kind of pants are these, anyway? I always think of jeans but I've found that a lot of people aren't wearing denim. .
I also use a kubaton as my keyfob. Its an ASP key defender that I slip IWB on my left side at about 7 o'clock. It carries a microlight, my keys and a security fob for my office system. It has never drawn any attention, actually going thru airport security once, is very comfortable and the only small drawback is it jingles now and then. It gives me fat access to my keys and a useful sd tool as well as keeping stuff out of my pockets.

The gingle is really anoying w/ the kubaton. I used some electrical tape on my keys and that took care of it. Ruber band around all keys at once is good to for quiet but kinda a pain in the but.
Maybe your solution is just moving some stuff around a bit. It will be strange and uncomfortable at first but after a week or two it will seem like you've been doing it that way all along. I don't like loading down my key chain w/ too much of my stuff, if you loose your keys its bad enough but loosing all the goodies that may be attached is a pain too!

My EDC (calipso light weight Jr.) gets cliped to the top of my pants, carried inside the pants on my right side leaving the right pocket for my car keys, photon light and chapstick. Shot gun to that (still more on the right side then the in the middle) I carry my 9mm also cliped to the top of the pants carried inside the pants. Left front pocket: small coin purse w/ id, credit cards (a must for a woman!) cash (I wish) an inhaler and my cell phone. This leaves my back pockets open for any "extras" I might need....Example: Check book or something like that.
Here is where I am at for now, and am pretty happy:

RF: EDC knife clipped to pocket, wallet (empty, lol)
LF: Surefire E2e clipped on, chapstick, mini-bic, Fisher Space Pen bullet

Keys are on the caribinner and hang from a belt loop into RR pocket. I decided to get rid of the mini talonite blade. Seemed to be taking up space, and I already have knives pretty well covered between EDC and LM Pulse blade.

Cell phone is clipped onto my belt.