Keychain Liner Locker? Custom Made?

Oct 24, 2000
i want to get myself something slightly special. i am looking for a small knife, about the size of a Spyderco Ladybug, but in a titanium frame and good steel, non serrated blade, and possibly a liner lock. i want to put this on my keychain as my replacement for the serrated, and slightly too small Spyderco Police Necklace. anyone know of a manufacturer that makes something like that? or alternatively, a custom maker that might be willing to make something like this?


Have you looked at the Spydie Dragonfly in a plain blade...

Very nice little knife,well made and feels decent in the hand for such as small knife..

A Dragonfly Concealex keychain rig will be available next week..Makes the knife that much more handy, as it can be completely removed from the keys..


I don't know if it is still being made, but SOG has an ATS-34,liner lock knife with carbon fiber scales that is keychain size. It was pretty reasonable if I remember correctly.
all good suggestions!! i have a dragonfly, but i am looking for something a tad less bulkier, sort of a cress between dragonfly and ladybug, in a fancy case. this is going to be a present to myself ...

i was considering an umfaan, but i cannot go look at one anywhere. maybe i'll just get one anyway, as they meet with universai approval ...
ooohhh. maybe a custom mayo Tiny T ... or something a wee bit tinier ;)
Just opened my new Chive. After a slight adjustment on the frame lock, the torsion bar opening works about half the time. I am still playing around with it to try to get it perfect.

Not quite as fast at my GT Mini Auto, but then again, the GT is not a one hand closer either.

Great look and good weight. I also particularly like the offset clip. Happy buying.