KFF Tip Fix

Oct 11, 2000
I have a CRKT KFF with aus 6 steel, and I dropped it. It blunted the tip slightly. This was a while back, I have sinced sharpened the edge, (sharpmaker) but have not succeeded in putting a decent tip on it. I know you can turn the sharpmaker into a bench stone, and I did that, rubbing the tip on the flats to try to "regrind" myself a new tip. Again, its slightly blunted, so can anyone give me a "tip" on how to get a new tip? (very lame pun intended) ... thanks!


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Good news/bad news.

The good news is I successfully reground a tip on a squared Delica.

Bad news is I used a method that you've already tried - the 204.

I can't beleive that the dark stones are not taking AUS steel off your tip. Perhaps it's a big piece missing, or you are trying to keep the same profile. If you are, you'll never do it - you would need to restore the original geometry by grinding all the way back to the spine.

What you need to do is imagine a straight line from the end of the spine to the end of the edge, and grind off that little triange of steel to make a new line. Your new tip may look funny, since the smooth line of the tip may suddenly drop off to make a point, but that's what you need to do. The Delica was easy to do, since the spine is already angling towards the tip, not a more upswept tip like the KFF. Good luck.
I appreciate it. The dark stones actually have no problem removing the steel, its like a hot knife through butter
My quest was for the best way to do it, Im sure I can grind a reasonable tip freehand, I just didnt know if perhaps I needed some special skills or techniques. Ill try this and get back to you. BTW: thanks for bringing this back to the top, TheMartialWay.

Have a nice day and stay sharp.


God made man short and tall.
Samuel Colt made them equal.
Any time, defiant. I am glad you got a good reply. Let us know if you are successfull. Take care.

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