Khukri identification

Jan 1, 2007
I acquired this Kukri while working in Honduras. You probably wouldn't believe the story if I told it. I was hoping someone could help me with a coupe of questions about this knife.
I work as a PMC for a communications company and have really been looking for a knife like this but did not want a Cold Steel one. I wanted a conversations piece and a scary knife to swing if I needed it.
1. I want to know if this is a Genuine Ghurka Army Knife (Kukri).
2. How old is it?
3. I was thinking about having it re-sharpened and actually taking it with me when I work. The Knife seems to weigh what I believe a knife of this size using quality steel should.
4. Is it worth anything? I don't want to ruin a good antique





i'm not sure what it is, but it looks old enough to keep at home. you wouldn't want a cop or someone taking a nice memento from you?

get yerself something more user friendly, and less valuable to you. nothing wrong with SOME of the cold steel stuff (the $19 value line? skip it). many fine HI products to run with too :)

Not valuable, but possibly a decent user. Made to sell to the tourists in Nepal. Use it safely and when you're ready for a step up in quality, try a Himalayan Imports. You won't be sorry! Welcome.

hi zophiel,

you left out the http:// from the image tags in your post, does not look like a valuable antique, tho it is a step up from the normal indian tourist model, but if you can get it to hold a decent edge, it may prove to be useable. main thing is if you are comfortable and confident using it.
Yep as the others say its a Nepali tourist kukri,

If it tempered well & the handle well fitted to the tang it should chop kindling & live saplings well,

If not , the handle will work eventualy lose & the edge will blunt & damage.

Good luck!

Zophiel...I think I would enjoy your story on how you got this Khuk. If you don't mind, how about sharing the story?
Ok the story I work as a Private Military Contractor and have since I was about 24 (I'm old now). During the period of 1992 and 1994 I was working in Honduras near Krautara. There are a lot of small flea markets there and American money goes a looooong way there. I was looking to buy a small necklace that local artisans make by drizzling molten silver somehow and buy one for my girlfriend. I was puttering around this guy’s plywood and tin home/workshop/shipping/receiving/customer care center, and found this knife sitting in a small pile of junk. I really needed a replacement for my machete I broke in the field. Me being a fairly good customer to this guy he sold it to me for 8 American! I used it for the rest of my tour as a replacement for my broken machete (I gave that to the artisan, he really wanted it bad.). I asked him how he got it and he claimed that some other Mercenaries had come in at the beginning of the year and that they "looked funnier than Americans”. I couldn't get a good description of these gents as my Spanish was in its infantile stage at that time. But I'd like to hope that a Ghurka had worked his way there and traded it to the person I bought it from.

Oh and BTW it does hold a very good edge and I think it will be with me when I go back to Iraq/Baghdad. If you point a gun at someone there they don't really care but they see a huge knife they tend to get more worried.
Sounds like a good one then!

A Gurkha could buy it in a shop or Bazaar if they wished, just as you did.

But it was never ever issued to him by Nepalese,British or Indian armies.

Glad you like it.

OH! and I posted this on some other forums. I'm getting mixed reviews as to if it is an issue knife or not. oh well it seems it will cut and it's pretty scary.
Well there are lot of people who belive anything stamped on a knife.

Do you want to buy Hitlers Personal kukri? I can ring Nepal & theyl hot stamp that & date it 1942 for you if you wish! :D

I KNOW it was never issued. 100% certan, Anyone who says different is wrong.

Try posting it on any serious forum like Here, Tora, Knifeforums,Ramanon, Ethnographic arms forum ,IKRHS or Sword forum international.

If you post on a dumbers website youll get dumbers answear you.

The South African Ninja Association would certanly be impresed by it! :D

Please post links to the other forums, or email me the links. I hate misinformation,propaganda & lies.

You think a knifes scary? Its the brain thats the weapon.:D

Still as an expierienced mercenary youll allready know that in your heart. ;)

The scary comment is in reference to the post I made earlier about working in Iraq. For some reason if you point a gun at someone you need to persuade to move they look at you and stand right there. These unfortunate people have firearms pointed at them constantly. But pull a big curved knife they don't have to be asked, they just move. (90% of my job requires me to get out and clear a path for our comm. vehicles so "scary" helps).

Actually I was kind of hoping it wasn’t valuable at all, but I was hoping that I could verify some type of quality. Believe me I understand I will have differences in opinion. And to me it's not that important. I only wanted to make sure I wasn't ruining something of value.

I did check out the knives on Himalayan imports they're not priced bad at all. I may get one after my next tour, what is the actual size of a soldier’s knife. What model would anyone recommend, it can’t be sword length it has to be a usable length for infighting. Thank you for the help
Right I see, that makes sense ;)

& Your not destroying anything of value.;)

Well I guess you know what sort of blade length your looking for, kukri I think are good agaisnt an armed oppenent are often around 1oz. per inch in o/a length. {give or take an oz. or 2. } Balance point about to 4 inch in front of bolster, super fast.

1.5 oz per inch is good for utility & weapon.

I like 14 inch blades myself. but longer or shorter work depending on the enviroment.

The wider the blade within that the better it cuts meat. Id go for 2 inch minimum width on those specs.

The best weapons are not nessasarily the best tools for wood chopping.

I choose old military blades myself but Hi will be able to sort something out for you.

It would be good if you could handle a few & pick the one that felt best as even within models there is a lot of variation in handle thickness, weight & balance.

Failing that You might be best emailing Yangdu & telling her your hieght, weight & job & get her to pick one for you. Im sure shell find you a live one.

Good luck.

You can turn just about any Khukri into a decent field blade.

Here's how I do it: Modification.htm

They are almost all made from OCS (Old Chevy Spring), and are hand forged. I've found that with a little work, they clean up real nice, and nothing chops quite like a Khukri!

The Indian kukri which feature in that article are not made from old Vehicle springs. Never mind Chevy springs! :D

Who told you that one? :D

Not all the mass production Indian ones that get exported are tempered well either, some are some arnt. same with the handle rivets, some well fitted some not. Its luck of the draw. The Indian army buy them at about $2 each. {& they get the ones that reach specification.} :eek:

If you like those kukris so much youd love a good one!


Judging from the way it's cho done I guess that Khuk is just a village Khuk turned into a tourist item. Normally a good Khuk either Nepal made or Indian made have a properly cut cho. Just my 2 cents.