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Khukri sheath?

Dec 14, 2000
I just got a CS mini khukri and it's great but sadly the sheath is not even close to ambidextrous. I need a lefty sheath for this knife. Anyone know who makes good sheaths, preferably kydex or concealex?

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I wonder if they'd make a sheath for someone else's khukri? I'll have to go check..thanks for the lead...
This guy is top of the line and a fellow forumite. Good prices too. Click link below.
On/Scene Tactical

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I've already checked with On/Scene...he says he can't help me with this one...

He was my first choice since he is the best, but the search continues...
Hi numberthree, My name is Frank and I own and operate skunkworks concealment solutions I have made kydex for emerson,strider,lile,walterbrend and other knife makers. Now I am making the sheaths for the new gunting from spyderco and Bram Frank. Also, I have worked with several CS kukris the bright bladed and the black bladed ones. Skunkworks 509-534-6113..