May 4, 1999
Picked up a Khukri at a gun show recently. Apparently hand carried over from India about 50 years ago. Nicely made, working version, not plated like so many you see around.

It is very thick along the spine, about 3/8 of an inch there is then a shallowing from just infront of the curve to the handle to about 1/4 inch and widens out again before beginning the taper to the edge. It has a horn handle (water buffalo by the looks of it) and basic brass finish at each end of the handle.

The steel is lovely carbon steel and holds a really nice edge. It has been kept well oiled and the blade is in excellent condition.

I'm not interested in selling it as I picked it up to add to my collection, but it is my first Khukri.

Could anyone with experience in this type of knife give me a basic value? I have to admit I didn't pay much for it at the gun show.

The leather covered wood sheath is intact and in good shape and has both accessory pieces.

Thanks for any help.

You may want to ask the same question at Bill Martino's HI forum. He imports high quality khukuri's. His products are very good and ranges from about $150 and up. I suspect yours, would fall maybe in the same place unless than is something unusual about it or it has an "antique" factor.

Maybe you can scan it and post.