Khukuri care

Sep 8, 2008
Hey guys, just curious, how do you guys store or display your khukuris? I want to make some kind of wall mount for display. I'm also curious what you put on the blade, handle (horn and wood). Sheath and brass.

Thanks for your time.
I tried numerous methods but as my khukri addiction became worse I kept outgrowing my systems. I finally ended up using a sliding piece of peg board and peg board hooks. I like to store the blades out of the sheath so they can breath.

I just use regular old paste car wax on the blades, linseed oil on wood and mineral oil or Ballistol on horn and sometimes the whole blade.

I'd like to figure out how to store the sheaths next to the blades but I haven't figured that out yet. As is, it's a challenge to find which sheath fits what knife. I've taken to tagging them when they come in but I have a bunch that are just all over the place.

I also want to give more attention to all the Karda's and Chakmaks as they kind of just get left in the sheaths and they deserve better than that.

Brasso or Flitz keeps brass looking shiny. Haven't really had an issue with the brass furniture tarnishing much.
I've found wiping down the blades with a Rem Cloth does a pretty good job protecting the metal and keeping it shiny. I don't know if it's food safe, in fact I kind of doubt it, but it does keep the blades good.
Bookie has a thread here in the Cantina about a beautiful Khuk wall unit he just built. Very well thought out and makes a great display for his blades. As for maintenance I soak the wood/horn handles when I first get a new Khuk in mineral oil and keep the blade coated with a very fine layer of mineral oil. Never had the wood or horn dry out and crack and no rust/tarnish on the blades. As for the bronze again nothing special just a thin layer of mineral oil and they haven't caused any tarnishing. But if you need to clean tarnish a bit of metal polish then back to the mineral oil after to keep it clean.
After I take my khuks out into the woods, I come home and clean them down with some methylated spirits and a cloth or an abrasive sponge, dry them off really well then coat some air tool oil on them, it's ascorbic so it sucks any moisture off the blade. Works a treat. And coat the wood with some good ol boiled linseed oil. For the sheaths I jus use black leather polish/protector stuff.