khukuri drought


Mar 8, 1999
Are we is some kind of drought since you came back from Kansas, Uncle? I thought the kamis were going to be over their holidays and back to making hay while the sun shines, but you don't talk of new shipments.

Are they sending you only standard stock to catch you up with back orders? Are new shipments unpacked and mailed without so much as one measly khuk put up on the net?

Has the government required them to pass OSHA standards and come with an airbag? Is ATF about to declare them a destructive device and tax them? Do we have to pass a Brady bill check and have a khukuri owners card? Did they limit us to one khuk every 30 days? I'm getting nervouser and nervouser here Uncle...
DANGER Rusty! Your HIKV viral load is approaching lethal levels! Uncle Bill, time is of the essence! Post a pic for Rusty before its too late!

It's not just Rusty. There's something that's, well, thrilling, about seeing a post titled UBDOTD, and clicking on it, and then waiting for the image to come up of something you just know is going to be a real eyeful. I like those few seconds of suspense. Even if you don't have any primo UBDOTD material on hand, Bill, I think I would almost be satisfied if you'd run pix of your old gardening pruners.
My HIKV isn't acting up as I just got one of those village chiruwa AK's and I have a village BAS on the way. And Hopefully in this last run of YCSs there is another one for me as well.!!!!
However if all the orders on the YCS isn't filled as yet I will gladly wait until the next time.

And yet I would also like to see some new pix as that new one Uncle Bill posted of Sanu's has kind of worn off now.


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I have a testimony!

Since Uncle Bill cut way back on posting UBDOTD's, I have been able to pay off my house and my van, bought a national hotel chain, bought controlling stock in MicroSoft, and started a Faberge egg collection to go with my khukuri collection.
My financial advisory board told me last week that according to their data, if I were to unload 5% of my khukuri collection, I could buy a small country in South America or a former Soviet satellite nation. They also told me that they were very nervous about the possibility of the UBDOTD's starting back up again, because they said that would bring me back to the poverty line. It's hard trying to explain HIKV to number crunchers!

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