Kill a Bushman--Fun Stuff!!!

Jan 29, 2000
My friends and I recently chipped in and bought a CS Bushman for about 10 bucks. When the snow melts, we are going to make a video of us using the knife quite inappropriatley: on my buddy Mike's junk car. Tire slash? Check. Hood pierce? Check. Seatbelt/ upholstery cutter? Check.

Given some safety equipment (welding mask and heavy leather gloves), it should be pretty safe. If we can't break it on the car, we'll blow torch it, smash it with a 16 pound sledge, maybe even flex it in a vise.

Cheap thrills, and i'll send you guys the results.

P.S.--I already have a Bushman to use, and I suggest them to everyone. It is the best buy in any knife that I have ever seen, and it's versatility is second to none. One of mu buds dressed a deer and a dozen fish with it this fall. Just about the coolest present you could give, too.
Ive tried to destroy my bushman, to no avail. That knife is tough as hell! As far as im concerned this knife may very well be the very best in the bang for your buck catagory. Ill be interested to see your results! Have fun.
Well, we got it and U proceded with the "preliminary testing". The blade was razor sharp out of the box, as i have come to expect from Cold Steel. I did some light chopping on a pine board, cut some rope, dug up a small plant (a shrubbery for Monty Pyhton fans), and the cut a little leather. Performed flawlessly and is still quite sharp.

I am trying to find a good machete lengh handle for it so I can do some bushwhacking with it. Any suggetions?
STILETTO, where did you find the Bushman for $10.00. The cheapest I've found was $12.50 plus shipping (Discount Knives).
While I oredered mine from Cold Steel direct during a holiday special, you can get one for $11 at They also have the new improved Voyagers and a couple of new neck knives. Neat Stuff.

Between and you can find almost all Cold Steel knives as well as other brands at great prices.
So far you haven't done anything that could kill any knife -- try harder!
For suggestions on how to break a knife, look at threads in this forum with "test" in the subject header and check out Cliff Stamp's website:

Try putting a handle on it and chopping hardwood -- I intend to try that myself when it gets a little warmer around here. I want to see how good an ax it makes -- put a long enough handle on it to swing it with both hands. You can throw it, too, with or without a handle to turn it into a spear. See if you can get the edge to roll or the point to bend ... it's tempered on the soft side so I expect it to bend before breaking....

-Cougar Allen :{)
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This should be interesting...

I have a bushman here, and I don't know what to do with it.

Maybe after you guys do the tests, it'll give me an idea on just how much this knife can "take". But at 54RC, I guess that's not much.

Isn't the Bushman a low C non-alloy steel? If it is then at 54 RC breaking it would be very hard as it should be very tough and ductile unless the heat treat is bad. However deforming it is another matter. That should not be difficult.

I got a bushman the other day and promptly went about destroying it. i did some very simple butting tasks, then some leather. i chopped quite a few pine boards. Then i got serious. I put a handle in it and started weilding it like an axe. It performed extrerely well, considering what it is (not an axe) I chopped through about 20 limbs, all about 3-4 inches thick. I cave it a swipe on my stone and it came up perfect, apart from a slight lightening of the blackening on the blade and a few small scratches. I went back out and dug a big hole with it. The soil where i live is full of shale, clay etc and is VERY hard. I dug a hole just big enopugh to bury a body in, and about 3 feet deep. Needless to say, it took a bit more work with the stone this time, but it came back fine. By this stage it was pissing me off, so i went out the back and started chopping bricks.i chopped about 20. in half. with the blade. It didn't break, bend or roll the edge. it was extremely blunt, but not too difficult to re-sharpen. I then spliot a few old logs by using it as a prybar. it bent slightly, but was easily straightened. I rammed it through 3 sheets of corrugated iron put together about 100 times. Again,. it had lost the edge, but was easily sharpened. by this stage it was getting lat, and i had a bet to win so i put it in the vise, put a 3 foot section of wood in the handle and dropped myt weight on it. This may not sound very significant untill you realise i weigh about 310 lbs. The blade broke, but long after i had expected it to. It is very sharp, and almoist as strong as my SRK (which was stolen). It has affirmed my beleif in CS and convinced me that i would never break one in a survival situation.

People who say knives are innefective weapons have never been stabbed
Whoa!!!! James, you certainly put the Bushman to the test, and from the way you did them, it's very similar to how Fred Perrin and Cliff Stamp would have done the tests, combined! hehehe..

Errr... bet to win? Bet on what? Breaking the Bushman?

Oh yeah, welcome to the forums!


Yep... Well, actually CS claims it to be medium-carbon steel (SK-5) w/ a RC of 54 at the edge. Does anybody have the breakdown/composition of this steel?

Hehehe, yep, I'm sure deforming it won't be a problem, as shown by James in his exploits on trying to destroy the Bushman.

Though if it's very ductile (at that RC), I wonder how many degrees did it get to, before it snapped on a vise? James?

Nice work James, I had been watching this thread and waiting for some real destruction
The other stuff has been weak.
Dan - Yeah, it was a bet with a friend who bet me i couldn't break it. It was only a fiver, but still, money is money. It was a pretty stupid bet on his part. I don't have a measuring device, but i'd say it was something pretty close to 90%. I desperately want to test a busse battle mistress (almost as much as i want to own one) but i don't think i could make myself do it. I did't give much thought to the whole "nuclear tough" thing the other day. Then i found a shop with a mean street. A big version of that is my kind of knife. you could use it as a hammer.

People who say knives are innefective weapons have never been stabbed
Just to make you smile, here in Italy CS Bushman are sold at $ 35 USD, no kidding.

Should I spend my whole life on the wrong side of Atlantic Ocean?

Thanks for the links, cheap prices on the bushman, quite a knife for the money.

Hello Falcenberg,
Could you e-mail me about Fox knives made in Italy. I have seen advirtisements and the quality appears to be excellent.



read your post and immidiatly bought one.

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Hey, that James from downunder has my vote to test ALL the knives. I would have given up during the hole digging session. Great Job James-keep them coming!

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Thanks for all the people for commenting on my test, i was hoping you'd like it. Just one thing i want to say. I am interested in all the different Blade/Handle/Whatever combinations, but my attitude is "That's nice, let's go out and use it." If someone made a knife out of Carpet that could cut well and was strong, who cares that it's made out of carpet? I know different steels are important, but at the end of the day, it's how the finished product works. I would Really like to do more knife tests, and i would happily endeavour to break each and every knife anyone wanted to know about, except for the money. On a student's Budget, i simply cannot afford to run around destroying knives

Still, if anyone wants to send me one (joke.....mostly) I will send it back in peices, guarantee. Then i'll write up a full report of what it could and couldn't do. Untill that happens, i'll review any cheap knives that i can lay my hands on.


People who say knives are innefective weapons have never been stabbed